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Help West Virginia Legalize MMA

From My Inbox

I am a 3rd year law student at WVU College of Law. I have been directly involved in the fight to get MMA regulated in West Virginia. As you know, Chairman Allred is blocking that with every move he can muster including outright lies. What you may not know is that the promoters for Toughman and Rough ‘n Rowdy (despite both having promoted MMA events in other states) are also directly involved in keeping MMA out of West Virginia to keep the monopoly on the fight game in the state.

The MMA bill for this year has already been defeated. It lacked 7 votes in making it out of the judiciary committee. To combat the lies, we have organized a panel discussion to discuss the truth about the sport.

The discussion starts tomorrow at Noon at WVU Law Center.,West Virginia University College of Law | P.O. Box 6130 Morgantown, WV 26506-6130 If you are anywhere nearby go show your support for our beloved sport.