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Hector Lombard With Fighting Words Ahead Of UFC 199, Dan Henderson

Hector Lombard

Hector Lombard appeared on a recent edition of “Submission Radio” and had an interesting story to tell about his UFC 199 opponent, Dan Henderson.

Be forewarned, the below transcription and video interview features graphic language.

On feeling dizzy in Brisbane when he threw a punch at Neil Magny, due to his weight cut to 170

“When I was in the fight, I felt dizzy. I remember when I dropped him with the first punch, it sort of took me a few seconds to find out where he was. And when I found him, then I went to kind of load my level up, and I felt dizzy again. And then after the round, I went back to the corner – I was like dead. It was like my body wasn’t moving.”

“And people say that I was gassed. It wasn’t that I was gassed, you know, even if you take a look at the fight, I wasn’t even breathing heavy. It was like my body wasn’t functioning. I couldn’t move.”

“It sucks because I’m better than that, but like my body just couldn’t move.”

Why Hector wants to move between Middleweight and Light heavyweight from now on

“One of the reasons why I want to go to 205, is because I wanna whoop Tim Boetsch. I just I can‘t live without me whooping his ass – and then he can retire. He is at 205, I want to fight the guy, beat him up. That’s one of the reasons.”

“And yeah, I’m a strong guy. I feel strong, I feel powerful and I’m explosive. I don’t wanna cut weight, man. I’m done with that. All my life I’ve been cutting weight. I’m sick of it.”

Thoughts on Dan Henderson and if they’ve spoken much since their days at Team Quest

“Dan Henderson is just fake. Fake guy, comes across like a nice guy when he’s not. If somebody comes to my training camp and wants to train – you know if one day I have, let’s suppose that I have a Hector Lombard training camp or Hector Lombard facility, and some young guy [comes in to train] – cause trust me, even at ATT a bunch of guys came from Australia and I introduced myself. Like, “hey man how are you doing?”. Even guys from New Zealand like JJ and a bunch of others and young kids, I introduce myself, I tell them “whatever you need, just give me a call”. I exchange numbers, you know, we talk quite a bit, we go, we do some training together. It’s not a big deal, ey? This fuckwitt is kind of like “oh, I’m more than you”. So he doesn’t care for me and I don’t care for him either.”

What Hector thinks about what Dan Henderson has achieved in his career

“I would be an idiot if I don’t respect what he did in the sport. He did a lot, ey? But these guys at the time, they had everything in their favour. Whether it was the best facilities, the best training camp, the best training partners, the best sponsors and stuff like that. So they started really good. They didn’t start like me, you know, work from eight to ten hours a day, and go to the gym and train myself. Like, that’s hard. They started up and him and Randy Couture, Matt Lindland and a bunch of others, they had a good team from the start. I wish I would have had that.”

If by beating Henderson dominantly at UFC 199 it will motivate Dan to retire

“He’s always saying that. He always says the same thing. I know why he’s saying that, to not put pressure on himself. You know what I’m saying? Like, he’s been saying that since he fought Fedor. He was like “oh I’m about ready to retire, facing a legend like this, blah, blah, blah”. When he knocked him out and then he’s like, “oh I’m not going anywhere”. Then he lost a couple of fights and before fighting Tim Boetsch he goes, “oh you know, I think that’s it, blah blah blah”. KO’s Tim Boetsch and he’s like, “Oh nah, I’m not going nowhere.”


“I see myself beating him in a beautiful fashion. I’m gonna be fast, I’m gonna explosive. I don’t believe that my body is gonna be so tired and my body’s gonna give up on me in this fight, cause I only have to cut fifteen, twenty pounds. So that’s easy for me. I don’t believe that my body is going to give up on me again. So yeah. I’ll tell you, when my body’s functioning properly, I will be there like a pistol. You will see.”