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Gunnar Nelson On McGregor-Mayweather, Woodley-Lawler, What’s Next

gunnar nelson

Gunnar Nelson appeared on a recent edition of “Submission Radio” to discuss the much-talked-about “super-fight” between his friend, Conor McGregor, and Floyd Mayweather.

Check out the complete interview here, along with a transcription of it all below:

If Gunnar believes his teammate and friend McGregor will fight Mayweather

“(laughs) I don’t know. They’re definitely hyping it up, both of them. Both of them are taking part in it. So I think they will definitely like to build it up, build up the money and make it happen at some point, but I don’t know how it works with the UFC and the contracts. Like, they’d have to make some deal with them and include them somehow, cause most of us know how the UFC deals are and you can’t really just go off and do a super-fight with Floyd Mayweather if you’re signed with the UFC. But yeah, we’ll definitely see how things go. I definitely don’t think it’s gonna happen September or whenever they said.”

“And I don’t think [the fight happens on] New Year’s either. They’re just putting dates and stuff like that [because] it will just hype the whole thing and just keep hyping until they will get a few hundred million or whatever.”

If Gunnar believes Maia should get a title shot over the winner of Thompson and

MacDonald and if he thinks it makes sense for Woodley to get the shot

“Yeah that kind of surprises me, but I feel like I haven’t seen Tyron Woodley for a while – but I don’t see all the fights. You know, it did surprise me a little bit, but he is a great fighter. I think Wonderboy, if he beats MacDonald, it would be hard not to give him the title shot next and I think that would be a fight that people would see as a very exciting fight – two strikers, but very different styles. People will be very excited to see that match up. So I think if Wonderboy does beat Rory, he will get the title shot – that’s if Robbie is still a champion that is. I don’t know if Woodley beats him. Then maybe it’s a little different.”

When Gunnar wants to return to the octagon

“Yeah I’d like to return this fall. This summer I’m gonna spend a lot of time with my boy now. His Mum is going to go abroad; she’s doing some projects in Berlin. So I will be spending a lot of time with him this summer. So I’d like maybe this fall. I don’t know exactly what cards are on, but I would be aiming for a little summer vacation or spend some time here [in Iceland]. I’m always training”

“So maybe September, October”

Gunnar finds out about changes to weight cutting news on Submission Radio for the first time and gives his reaction

“This is where we want it. This is towards the right direction. Yeah, I have to look this up and (laughs) read more about it now, but this is awesome. I didn’t even know. That’s crazy that I’m hearing it from you guys now.”

Why he thinks Woodley won’t beat Lawler

“No, I don’t think so.”

“I don’t think he’s durable enough for Robbie. I think Robbie has a lot more fight in him for longer. I think Woodley is a great athlete. I think he punches a little bit too… he’s a low volume [fighter] as well, like you were talking about that I have [that same tendency] and I think he – just his style, the way he’s low volume. He’s very strong and powerful and I think whatever he’s going to throw at Robbie, he’s going to be able to defend and just kind of wear him down if he doesn’t catch him early. And that’s how I see the fight go. That’s basically – I think their energy is gonna match like that. You know, I think either Robbie will catch him or Woodley might get one takedown early and Robbie will scramble up and slowly wear him down and probably finish him.”

What kind of changes Gunnar thinks this will bring to the Welterweight division

“This is gonna force a lot of guys to go up, I believe. This is gonna force people to fight people their own weight. Yeah, I really hope they do monitor – and I don’t know how they do that, but it would be very bad to see guys still forcing themselves to be doing a nasty cut and just come in maybe that eight percent but they’ve already cut. So they need to monitor these guys as well, that come in and are already under eight percent. Because they might be cutting before and they might be already drained, and I don’t know, maybe a few guys are gonna do that and then realize that’s just way too much, you know, and it’s gonna take it all out of you for the fight. But I think they should monitor everyone, see if anyone of us is too dehydrated or not fit to fight, basically not fit to perform. In some of these cases like we’ve talked about before, there’s guys [that have] been dropping down, doing that weight cut and they’ve done it a few times before, but all of a sudden they drop down. So it speaks for itself. It’s very bad for you.”

What rule Gunnar would like to see changed in MMA

“One more thing that would really change the fight and make it more realistic, is take out rounds and let the fight be. Because one thing we see over and over again is somebody is in a really bad position, and then the round is over. And then they start again. That’s not a nature of a fight, that’s nature of show business – and I understand it, but it’s not the nature of the fight, and that fight could’ve well been over. You could say the same on the feet. Sometimes somebody’s running away, he’s tagged, he’s rocked and then he gets a minute break, brings him back in. It’s not the nature of the fight, but it’s show business. That’s what it is.”

What’s next for Gunnar and if there’s a name that stands out in the rankings

“Not really. Like always, I just wanna fight the next guy. And as I’ve said before, I believe I’m going to fight most of them if not all of them. So who’s next is not really my focus. I’m focusing on my training, and obviously wanna get a guy that’s ranked higher than me preferably. But my nature isn’t even thinking about the rankings. It would be kind of forced – well not really forced, but kind of forcing myself to be like, “yeah this guy is ranked there and this would make sense and, you know, climb up the ladder and yadda yadda yadda”. But it wouldn’t really be my nature. But yeah, it would make sense for everything to get a guy that’s ranked at least maybe top fifteen, top ten – top five would be great. You know, anyone.”