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Gina Carano vs Julie Kedzie- Yes, Women Can Fight Too!

I wanted to do another post today and I just came across this fight. I remember watching this on showtime and before the fight thinking it was going to be boring. And then out comes Gina Carano, an extremely hot woman with well lets just say shes gifted in more ways than one. So now I was pretty interested in the fight, but for the wrong reasons. So they start fighting and my eyes didnt leave the screen the rest of the way, but not because of Gina’s ridiculous body, no this was a great fight. Gina reminds me of a girl Fedor, I say that not because of her dominance in the ring, although thats part of it its mainly because of her calm and confident demeanor in the cage. Gotta give Julie Kedzie credit too she took some serious shots and still didn’t back down showing a fighters spirit. I might make alot of enemies by saying this but, I believe Gina Carano could beat Forrest Griffin into a bloody pulp. Gina has to work on her ground game, you can tell in this fight she doesnt really know what shes doing there. Enjoy the Fight! By the way did I mention that Gina is ridiculous HOT!!

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