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Former UFC Fighter Defends Duane Ludwig Against Remarks

urijah faber

The “he-said, he-said” comments from Urijah Faber and Duane Ludwig have started to bring in supporters of both sides.

Recently, former UFC fighter Pete Spratt took to social media to state his base backing Ludwig against accusations made by Faber during a recent interview.

Below is the complete statement posted on Facebook by Spratt:

Soooooo, it has been brought to my attention that the word on the street my man Duane Ludwig is a racist.

Hmmm, I’m not so sure about that one! I met Duane years ago fighting under the banner of Ring of Fire and when Sven Bean brought me out to fight Duane was very cool with me and has always been. So cool that he even shared his manager with me Sven Bean.

This man is far from a racist. Whenever he comes to San Antonio, TX to visit his “Hispanic” inlaws he always makes it a point to invite me and my family over to dinner and hang out.

I have known Duane for years and never have I gotten an inkling of racism from this guy. Now he and I may suffer from one affliction and thats calling it like we see it!

Some people can’t handle brutal honesty and that could be a character flaw that we have but by no means is he a racist.

Come on now, lets come up with a better one than that!

This is my white brotha from another motha!

Pete “Secret Weapon” Spratt

Ludwig has also responded to the comments himself.