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“UFC 110: Nogueira Vs. Velasquez” Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of UFC 110: Nogueira vs. Velasquez. As always, our live coverage of tonight’s main card is brought to you by UFC Internet Pay-Per-View on Yahoo! Sports.

Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia. You can catch the PPV on TV or over the internet at Yahoo! Sports.

Now, on to the action! We’ll have quick match results available for you after each preliminary fight followed by live round-by round coverage of all main card bouts by Mark Wayne of Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up to date results.


James Te Huna defeated Igor Pokrajac via TKO (strikes) in Round 3.

C.B. Dollaway defeated Goran Reljic via unanimous decision (scores of 29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Chris Lytle defeated Brian Foster via submission (knee-bar) at 1:41 of Round 1.

Krzysztof Soszynski defeated Stephan Bonnar via TKO (cut) at 1:04 of Round 3, 1:04.


Mirko Cro Cop vs. Anthony Perosh

Round 1: The fighters make their way to the cage. They touch gloves. Cro Cop walking down Perosh. He’s loading up on his shots and landing some good combinations. Perosh trying for a takedown. Cro Cop stuffs it. Cro Cop dominating the action so far. Perosh is bleeding from the nose. Cro Cop continues to stop the takedown and land punches. scores the round 10-9 for Cro Cop.

Round 2: Cro Cop pushes the action right away and lands an uppercut. Cro Cop stops another takedown and lands some ground and pound. They stand up and Cro Cop lands a body kick. Cro Cop stuffs another takedown and lands in Perosh’s guard. Cro Cop lands an elbow. Perosh is cut badly. The doctor is called into the cage, Perosh is allowed to continue. Cro Cop ends the round with a good combo. Perosh’s corner stops the fight in between rounds.

Mirko Cro Cop defeated Anthony Perosh via TKO (corner stoppage) at the end of Round 2.

Keith Jardine vs. Ryan Bader

Round 1: The fighters enter the cage. They are introduced and come out swinging. Jardine misses with a one-two. Bader lands a good left and clinches Jardine against the cage. They separate and throw punches. Bader lands a big right and misses a takedown. Bader swinging hard with the right. Jardine has a small cut. Bader taking the center of the Octagon. Bader gets a takedown and ends up in half guard. Bader trying to pass into mount. They battle for position, transitioning from butterfly to half guard. Bader landing peppering ground and pound shots. The ref stands them up. Bader throwing winging overhand rights. Jardine with a leg kick. scores the round 10-9 for Ryan Bader.

Round 2: Bader lands a leg kick. Jardine lands a big leg kick. Bader goes for the takedown, gets Jardine against the fence. Jardine showing good takedown defense. They break and meet back in the middle of the Octagon. Jardine lands a pawing jab. Bader goes in for the takedown again and Jardine stuffs it. They’re back up against the cage. They break. Jardine lands a one-two then lands a big right. Jardine stuffs another takedown from Bader. Jardine pushing forward. Jardine kicks and avoids another takedown. They trade kicks. Bader gets a takedown but Jardine gets right back up. scores the round 10-9 for Keith Jardine.

Round 3: They touch gloves. Things start off tentatively. Bader goes for a takedown and pushes Jardine against the cage, Jardine stuffs it and moves off the cage. Bader checks a leg kick. Jardine lands a kick and Bader takes him down. Jardine gets right back up. Bader looking frustrated. Jardine gets wobbled by a punch, Bader with a flying knee and follows up with a left hook. Jardine is out, the ref stops the fight.

Ryan Bader defeated Keith Jardine via KO at 2:10 of Round 3.

George Sotiropoulos vs. Joe Stevenson

Round 1: The crowd lights up for Sotiropoulos’ entrance. Stevenson is all smiles on his way to the cage, he looks very relaxed. The fighters touch gloves. They exchange early. The Aussie is looking sharp, he goes for a single leg and fails. Sotiropoulos gets Joe “Daddy” against the cage. Sotiropoulos in Stevenson’s guard looking to pass. He gets half guard and continues to work. George all over Stevenson. The crowd chants. Stevenson looking to sweep, they scramble and George stays on top. He lands hammerfists to Stevenson’s body, takes an upkick and lands in mount. Stevenson goes for a submission but George gets out and lands in full mount. The crowd goes crazy. Sotiropoulos is relentless. He lands in north-south position and goes for a kimura. The round ends with Sotiropoulos on top landing blows. scores the round 10-9 for George Sotiropoulos.

Round 2: They trade left hands. Sotiropoulos rocks Stevenson. Joe “Daddy” lands a leg kick. George with a solid one-two. The Aussie showing good footwork and head movement. George landing to the body, slipping punches. Stevenson gets a takedown, Sotiropoulos gets him in rubber guard, goes for an omoplata. He uses it to sweep and gets side control. Stevenson hits a single leg. Sotiropoulos looking for an armbar. Stevenson drops for a straight ankle lock. George gets out and gets on top of Stevenson with an Anaconda choke. The bell rings. scores the round 10-9 for George Sotiropoulos.

Round 3: The crowd cheers. The fighters touch gloves. Sotiropoulos starts off with a good combo. Lands a good left hook. Sotiropoulos catches a leg kick, gets a takedown and lands on top. They scramble for position against the cage. Sotiropoulos gets on top and lands some punches. They clinch against the cage again. They separate. George is looking tired but he’s pushing forward and landing punches. He sprawls to avoid Stevenson’s takedown and they hit the fence. Stevenson gets the takedown and gets in half guard. George controlling Stevenson’s posture. Sotiropoulos landing up kicks. He stands up. Stevenson gets another takedown. Sotiropoulos shuts down his offense. The round ends. scores the round 10-9 for George Sotiropoulos.

George Sotiropoulos defeated Joe Stevenson via unanimous decision (scores of 30-27 across the board).

Michael Bisping vs. Wanderlei Silva

Round 1: Bisping looks fired up on his way to the cage. Silva looks relaxed. The crowd gets loud for Wanderlei. The stare down is respectful. They both miss with kicks. The crowd chants. Silva lands a leg kick. Bisping hits a takedown. Silva tries to get back up, they exchange in the clinch and Silva pushes Bisping off of him. Silva blocks a body kick. Bisping gets another takedown and Wanderlei gets right back up again. Bisping lands a solid punch. Silva wings a hook. Silva pushes Bisping back with a big right. They trade kicks. Silva lands a leg kick. Silva pushes forward with wild hooks. Bisping hits a big right. Silva cut on the chin. Bisping tries for a takedown but backs off. Silva with big punches against the cage to end the round. Very close round. scores the round 10-9 for Michael Bisping.

Round 2: Silva with an inside leg kick. He lands another. Silva catches a Bisping body kick and sweeps him to the ground. He lands in Bisping’s guard and starts trying for ground and pound. Bisping looks for an armbar but Silva muscles out. Silva lands a body kick to Bisping as he gets up. Silva lands a leg kick. Silva with a big right. Bisping moving forward, gets a big takedown. He gets into side control. Silva explodes out. Silva with a body kick. Bisping using the jab well. Silva wings a big right, lands inside leg kicks. Silva pushes forward, lands a good left. Bisping gets a takedown. Silva goes for the guillotine. Bisping lasts the round. scores the round 10-9 for Wanderlei Silva.

Round 3: Bisping blocks a high kick. Silva landing with leg kicks. Bisping with a good left hook. Bisping throws a half-hearted flying knee. Silva pops Bisping with a right. Bisping hits a low blow. They take a break and then go right back at it. Bisping with a good body kick. Silva stuffs a takedown. Wanderlei egging on Bisping as the crowd chants his name. Silva loading up on the right hand. Bisping lands a good body kick and misses a takedown. Silva with a good body kick. Bisping pokes Silva in the eye. They break and then touch gloves. They exchange evenly. Silva loading up on his hooks. Silva with a straight right. Silva catches another body kick and sweeps Bisping to the ground. He gets back up. Silva with a jab. Silva pushes forward with big punches, he drops Bisping with a right hand. The bell rings as the ref pulls Silva off of Bisping. scores the round 10-9 for Wanderlei Silva.

Wanderlei Silva defeated Michael Bisping by unanimous decision (scores of 29-28 across the board).

An emotional Silva celebrates in the Octagon. Nothing but respect between Bisping and Silva as they hug after the bout.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Cain Velasquez

Round 1: The crowd gets behind Nogueira. Cain lands with good kicks. He cracks “Minotauro” with a punch. Cain comes back with a punch, hits a good leg kick. Cain landing at will with good combinations. Misses with a high kick. Cain hits with a good knee. Cain lands a good combination. He knocks Nogueira out cold and follows up with more punches on the ground. The fight is over.

Cain Velasquez defeated Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira via KO at 2:20 of Round 1.

Velasquez is all class after the fight. A disappointed “Minotauro” gives credit to Cain and thanks the fans.