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UFC Fight Night: Condit Vs. Kampmann 2 Results

Welcome to FightLine’s live coverage of UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Kampmann 2.

Tonight’s card comes to us live from Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Now, on to the action! Remember to keep hitting F5 on your keyboard for the most up-to-date results.


Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujillo

Two lightweights in desperate need of a victory start off our action, as Roger Bowling (11-4) battles Abel Trujillo (10-5). Bowling, a former Strikeforce veteran, is on a two-fight losing skid, while Trujillo had his five-fight win streak snapped by Khabib Nurmagomedov. The referee will be Rob Hinds, as maybe 100 people enjoy this battle from Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

You can always tell when the UFC is back in the U.S. for early prelims, as they do not show like Brazilians.

Round 1: Bowling connects with several huge rights, and Trujillo responds with a counter-left. Big-time punches being thrown by these lightweights. Combo from Trujillo gets through, as they are both just standing and trading. Bowling with a combo, but Trujillo answers. Bowling picks him up and lands a huge double-leg power takedown. Trujillo quickly to his feet and lands a knee to the body in the process. Trujillo with a left-right-knee combination, keeping Bowling at bay with his jab. Trujillo scores a takedown off a rush-in attack, and switches to side-control. Not a great idea by the camera crew to pan out, showing nobody in the arena yet for this one. Several vicious knees to the body for Trujillo, who has his hands locked around the waist. Bowling gets an opening and goes for a guillotine choke with just 30 seconds left. Trujillo survives and lands a combo to end the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Trujillo

Round 2: Right back to standing and banging, and Bowling shoots for a takedown. Trujillo gets back to his feet and fires off some big left hooks that land. Bowling lands a leg kick, and appears to have more pop in his step as Trujillo looks winded. Bowling with a big left and a body shot. A flurry from Bowling against the fence and a takedown, but that might provide him a chance to catch his breath and recover. Another left hook from Bowling, and Trujillo answers back with his own. One more takedown, as Bowling listens in to his corner and does as instructed. Bowling works to the back, offering a thumbs-up that he is fine, and works out. Just as both are looking to stand up as the round ends, Trujillo connects with a pair of illegal knees. The first one was to the chest and the second one was to the head.

The referee has instructed Trujillo he will take a point away, but Bowling has an obvious broken nose, as blood is pouring. His ability to continue is being looked over by the physician. The ref has stated he will not disqualify Trujillo for the infraction, but a second one will result in him being DQ’ed. Upon further review, the right hand broke the nose.

The doctor has stated Bowling was knocked out and cannot allow him to continue. This will be called a no-contest, as Bowling went after Trujillo to ask what happened.

Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujillo ruled a no-contest (illegal knee) at 4:57 of Round 2

Zak Cummings vs. Ben Alloway

One of many welterweight scraps is up next to complete the Facebook prelims, as Zak Cummings (15-3) makes his UFC debut vs. Ben Alloway (13-4). Cummings has won two in a row and five of his last six, with the lone loss coming to Ryan Jimmo. Alloway had his six-fight win streak snapped by Ryan LaFlare earlier this year. Gary Copeland is the third man inside the Octagon.

Cummings actually had the crowd on its feet during walk-outs. Maybe it was his “Brantley Gilbert” entrance song.

The referee, Copeland, introduced himself to Jon Anik as “Mini-Brock,” and boy does he have the guns to back it up.

Round 1: Alloway using his reach to his advantage, snapping off some nice leg kicks. Cummings gets out of control and Alloway scores a quick takedown. Cummings back to his feet and shoots for a single-leg, but is unable to get it. Good pair of strikes allows Cummings to get a takedown this time. Cummings working hard for another takedown, which he gets after locking his hands. The corner approves and Cummings works a front-headlock into a D’Arce choke. Just like that, Alloway is forced to tap and this one is over.

Zak Cummings def. Ben Alloway via submission (D’arce choke) at 4:19 of Round 1

James Head vs. Jason High

We remain in the welterweight division with James Head (9-3) battling Jason High (16-4). Head, who lives in Oklahoma, has offered his entire paycheck to the victims of the tornadoes that hit the area earlier this year. High had his seven-fight win streak halted by an Erick Silva submission this past June. Herb Dean is the referee in charge.

Round 1: Feeling out period to start, as High shows a spinning kick but doesn’t throw it. High shoots and scores with a quick takedown, moving to side control. High transitions to a guillotine choke with a smooth float over. High goes to the mount with the choke and gets the tap.

Jason High def. James Head via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:41 of Round 1

Darren Elkins vs. Hatsu Hioki

We head to the featherweight division with a couple of fighters hoping to get back into title-contention, as Darren Elkins (16-3) takes on Hatsu Hioki (26-6-2). Elkins was topped by Chad Mendes most recently, while Hioki has dropped his last two fights. Dan Miragliotta is the third man inside the Octagon.

Elkins, fighting out of Indiana, receives the best ovation to date. Still, not a very packed arena as we begin the second prelim on TV and fourth of the night.

Round 1: Hioki was viewed as a top contender upon entering the UFC, but has had difficulty adjusting. He is looking very smooth right now, mixing levels and landing some nice strikes on Elkins. Just like that, though, the hometown boy answers back with a left. Hioki backs him up a knee, the first real significant strike of the match. Hioki opening up his offensive game more than I’ve seen since his UFC arrival. Elkins, though, has cut Hioki up, as blood is pouring down his face on the right side. Hioki defends a takedown attempt of the wrestler, and lands a knee, as well. Elkins seems upset and fires off a big combo that ignites the crowd, but Hioki lands a shot to the body that almost doubles Elkins over. He appears hurt, and Hioki is forcing the action. He takes him to the mat and could be looking for a submission. Elkins gets out, transitioning nicely and scores a takedown of his own.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Hioki

Round 2: Strong start to the round by Elkins, but Hioki takes control with a takedown and swiftly moves to side control. Elkins gets out and free from the submission game of his opponent. We have some excitement from the Indiana faithful, and Elkins eats a knee to the body. Head kick by Elkins is blocked, and Hioki goes back to throwing front kicks in multiples. Elkins has had enough of those and shoots, and scores, with a takedown. Elkins moves to the back, Hioki rolls, and Elkins maintains control. Some very nice mat work from these two. Hioki has a kimura locked, and he drops with it, transitioning to the back and has both hooks in. What a smooth move by Hioki, as Elkins gets out. Hioki again transitions, misses another submission and Elkins winds up on top as the round ends.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Elkins

Round 3: You have to wonder if both feel this is a do-or-die round, as they are coming out and throwing heavy punches. Elkins scores with another takedown and the crowd shows its appreciation for his efforts. Hioki has been trying many submissions throughout, but they have also allowed Elkins to re-gain control when unsuccessful. Three minutes left and Elkins is just throwing lefts and rights at will. Hioki attempting a triangle choke, but eats a left for his efforts. Hioki nearly secures an arm triangle, but Elkins counters and remains on top in complete control. Elkins finishes strong with some nice ground-and-pound.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Elkins

Darren Elkins def. Hatsu Hioki via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Justin Edwards vs. Brandon Thatch

Back to the welterweight division, as Justin Edwards (8-2) looks to make it two in a row vs. Brandon Thatch (8-1), who is making his UFC debut. Thatch previously fought in the RFA. The referee will be Rob Hinds.

We had a delay in the start as action was also moved to FOX Sports 1. That’s new.

Round 1: Wow….Thatch making quite the debut, dropping Edwards with a flurry that includes a stiff kick. Edwards ties him up, and eats a nasty knee to the face. Thatch with a huge head kick that just misses. Edwards is being beaten to the pulp and the crowd is enjoying each minute of it. Again, Edwards goes down and Thatch continues to punish until the ref steps in.

That was an incredible way to debut in the UFC.

Brandon Thatch def. Justin Edwards via TKO (strikes) at 1:23 of Round 1

Dylan Andrews vs. Papy Abedi

We conclude the prelims with a middleweight scrap between Ultimate Fighter alum Dylan Andrews (16-4) and Papy Abedi (9-2). Andrews has won five straight, while Abedi snapped a two-bout losing skid earlier this year. The referee will be Herb Dean.

Still not sure how I feel about the decision to include latest betting odds and peg the favorite and underdog, but it is probably here to stay as far as FOX Sports cards go.

Round 1: Abedi with a nasty kick to the body to start. The elder Abedi looking for a takedown, so he lifts Andrews up over his head and slams him down. Andrews tries to secure a choke, but Abedi moves to side control and is free. An exchange between the two and the ref, but Abedi just slams Andrews back down to the canvas once action continues. The break between live fights seems to have killed the crowd, which is very quiet. Or, maybe it’s these two fighters. Abedi attempting a standing guillotine as we go under a minute, and Andrews breaks free with a takedown attempt. Trip takedown from Abedi, but Andrews pops right back up.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Abedi

Round 2: Andrews told his corner his hand was bothering him between rounds. Andrews throws a kick, but he hasn’t been able to string anything together offensively yet. Some booing starting to reign down on the fighters from the crowd, which is disgruntled by the lack of action. Andrews with a left-right and goes to a trip takedown attempt that scores, but Abedi pops back up before any damage can be done. Abedi attacks and hurts Andrews, dropping him to the canvas. Abedi in side control, looks for a guillotine and goes to work on the body. Abedi with two knees to the body and some nasty lefts to the face. He goes back to working the ground-and-pound, while also looking for potential guillotines.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Abedi

Round 3: Abedi working the clinch game, and the ref has seen enough, calling for a break. Andrews fires off a heavy rght, and an uppercut that has knocked Abedi down and out. Andrews with several lefts and rights, but Abedi was already out before the ref could step in and save him. Andrews is very emotional, stomping around the Octagon. A straight right started the end, which came after a pair of right uppercuts.

Dylan Andrews def. Papy Abedi via KO (strikes) at 1:32 of Round 3


Brad Tavares vs. Bubba McDaniel

We open up the main card with a pair of Ultimate Fighter middleweight alums, as Brad Tavares (10-1) puts his three-fight win streak on the line vs. Bubba McDaniel (21-6). McDaniel hasn’t lost since 2010, spanning seven fights. The referee will be Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: No touch of gloves, and Tavares starts things off with a kick to the lead leg, followed by one to the body. McDaniel using the Jon Jones kicks to the shin/kneecap. McDaniel unable to score the takedown, and Tavares makes him pay, landing a pair of stiff strikes. Tavares catches him with a right from in close, but allows McDaniel to get back to his feet. Unsure if Tavares actually thought he might have been out there or not, as he seemed to hesitate. McDaniel gets him to the mat, but only for a brief moment. Redness and swelling on the lead leg of McDaniel from the few hard shots landed by Tavares.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Tavares

Round 2: Tavares goes right back to peppering the lead leg, getting a smile out of McDaniel. Tavares drops him again, as he keeps coming in too close and too fast, easily getting countered and dropped. McDaniel with a takedown off a flurry of strikes. Tavares secures a takedown of his own off a body lock in a very uneventful round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Tavares

Round 3: McDaniel finally shows some life, firing out to start the round with a burst of energy. Tavares secures a body lock, and McDaniel breaks free. Tavares catches McDaniel straight to the groin, and “Bubba” goes down hard. We even get a “FOX Cam” replay of the strike; not good for Bubba. McDaniel with a left-right combo that leads into a takedown, which he scores with, and quickly advances his position. We go under three minutes, and McDaniel has to know he needs a finish to secure the win. McDaniel put the grind on, but was never in position to finish Tavares.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for McDaniel

Brad Tavares def. Bubba McDaniel via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Erik Perez vs. Takeya Mizugaki

Our lone bantamweight contest features a returning Erik Perez (13-4) putting his perfect UFC record on the line against Takeya Mizugaki (17-7-2). Controlling the action will be Gary Copeland.

Round 1: These two are living up to the bantamweight way, firing on all cylinders to start. Mizugaki catches Perez, but the Mexican-born fighter remains upright. Perez stringing his strikes together, and fires off a flying knee. Another right catches Mizugaki flush. Perez with an easy takedown, as he was not challenged at all. The nose of Perez is busted open and blood is pouring out. Another takedown by Perez, who lands a nice knee to the chest as Mizugaki stands up. Mizugaki this time takes Perez down, as the youngster got too wild. Mizugaki to the back, looking for a rear-naked choke. Perez defends and spins.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Perez

Round 2: Mizugaki really showing off his tremendous skill set here, catching Perez with a lot of flush strikes. Big left hook lands by Mizugaki, as Perez tries to counter. Nice defensive sprawl to avoid the takedown from Perez, who seems to be struggling to get in on his opponent. Knee to the head, though, connects by Perez, who goes for another takedown.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Mizugaki

Round 3: Perez is being tested here, and Mizugaki starts the round with a nice left, followed by another. Great striking display being put on by the underdog. Flurry of fists from both fighters, who stand and trade until Mizugaki pushes Perez to the mat. Perez now with a takedown, moves to the back, but can’t land or lock anything in. Mizugaki takes the back and locks in a tight choke, but Perez breaks it and the crowd embraces him for it. Perez gets his own takedown.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Mizugaki

Takeya Mizugaki def. Erik Perez via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Court McGee vs. Robert Whittaker

We have two former Ultimate Fighter winners squaring off in the welterweight division, as Court McGee (15-3) takes on Robert Whittaker (11-2). McGee snapped a two-fight losing streak with a decision win over Josh Neer this past February. Whittaker has won both of his UFC bouts. Herb Dean is the referee.

Round 1: Whittaker is just a huge welterweight, especially compared to McGee. McGee tries to take this to the ground and gets dropped by a Whittaker left. “The Crusher” is keeping him at bay with kicks, but not enough of them to save his face right now. Whittaker gets a little loose and McGee scores a takedown, but can’t keep him down. Big cut on the left side of McGee’s head, maybe from a short elbow.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Whittaker

Round 2: McGee comes out crushing this round, hammering away and landing on Whittaker. McGee has him wobbled, but he recovers and they square back off. Whittaker knows what kind of power McGee has now. To the body The Crusher goes with lefts and rights, following up with a takedown. He takes the back, but again, can’t keep Whittaker there.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for McGee

Round 3: Whittaker with a nice combo to start the round, looking more active, despite a nice shiner developing around his left eye. McGee connects with a spinning back kick to the abdomen, and catches him with a straight jab flush to the chin. McGee now seems unconcerned with the power of Whittaker, walking through his punches to land two, three of his own at a time. A nice flurry to finish, including a glancing head kick by McGee as the bell sounds.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for McGee

Court McGee def. Robert Whittaker via split decision (27-30, 30-27, 29-28)

Kelvin Gastelum vs. Brian Melancon

Following that battle of ex-TUF winners, the most recent winner of the show makes his welterweight debut, as Kelvin Gastelum (6-0) takes on Brian Melancon (7-2). Gastelum won the title at middleweight, while Melancon has picked up two straight victories.

Round 1: Nice stiff left lands by Gastelum, and Melancon answers back with his own. And, just like that, Gastelum takes him down. Gastelum unloads with a flurry, quickly takes the back and locks in a rear-naked choke. Maybe this kid is for real. What a resounding performance, especially on the heels of the first three fights.

Kelvin Gastelum def. Brian Melancon via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:26 of Round 1

Donald Cerrone vs. Rafael dos Anjos

Lightweight Top-10 fighters Donald Cerrone (20-5) and Rafael dos Anjos (19-6) will try to make a statement in our co-main event. Cerrone 3-1 in his last four, while dos Anjos is on a four-fight win streak. The referee is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: The crowd has been relatively quiet for the most part during the main card, but “Cowboy” gets them to their feet like no other. As he typically does, Cerrone is throwing some vicious leg kicks to start the action. Just like that, dos Anjos catches Cerrone and drops him to the canvas. Dos Anjos finishes with some nice offense on the mat, but is unable to put Cerrone away.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for dos Anjos

Round 2: Big knee lands to the forehead of Cerrone, but he remains upright. Cerrone lands a nasty kick to the body, and scores with a swift single-leg takedown, much to the delight of the Indiana faithful. Dos Anjos gets to his feet, and the takedown seems to have given Cerrone more confidence. Just like that, though, dos Anjos fires off a nice kick to the body. Dos Anjos shoots for a takedown of his own and gets it, receiving approval from his corner. Interesting round to score, as both had success.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cerrone

Round 3: Both fighters still trying to feel each other out, as dos Anjos goes for a takedown. He continues to push for it, but Cerrone is able to fight the attempt off. So far, though, it is dos Anjos getting the better of the striking. Cerrone now finds his rhythm, as the crowd begins pushing him forward, and connects with a straight jab. Dos Anjos shoots, and gets stuffed again as we go under a minute. Cerrone stalking forward and dos Anjos backing up. Dos Anjos catches Cerrone flush with a right and we will head to the scorecards.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for dos Anjos

Rafael dos Anjos def. Donald Cerrone via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann

We’ve reached the main event, and it’s shaping up to be a battle, as Carlos Condit (28-7) seeks revenge for a split decision loss to Martin Kampmann (20-6). These two are both former WEC champions, and are each in need of a win to remain in contention. Herb Dean is the referee in charge.

Round 1: No touch of gloves. In fact, Condit seemed to almost annoy Kampmann by doing a little jog around the Octagon upon entering. Kampmann comes right out and goes for a takedown, scoring with it. Condit attempts to roll free, but gets pinned by Kampmann. So far, Kampmann has stayed strong on his quick start, working to take the back. However, he gets too high and Condit slips free, moving to mount position himself. Kampmann again drags him to the mat, as Condit has improved his wrestling, but not to the level of “The Hitman.” As we go under a minute, though, Condit gets out and free. A flashy spinning kick misses by Condit, and he gets put to the canvas once again.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Kampmann

Round 2: Condit with some nice takedown defense, but Kampmann continues to push the pace. Kampmann catches him with a nice right that seems to wobble him for a brief moment. But, right back comes “The Natural Born Killer” with his own right hook. Again, Condit fends off the takedown and goes for one of his own. Big combo connects by Condit, as does a hard elbow followed by a knee. Condit with a nice transition, taking the back shortly of Kampmann off another failed takedown attempt.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Condit

Round 3: Spinning back kick turns into a fist by Condit, who definitely has more pep in his step right now. Kampmann, though, shows he isn’t done yet, picking up Condit and slamming him down. Just like that, Condit lands a left-right-left that bloodies Kampmann’s face up. Condit is firing on all cylinders, and Kampmann is getting dangerously close to being finished. Big shots getting through without any defense, and Condit is just stalking his victim. Condit senses that Kampmann is hurt, as he is putting more power and effort into his attacks. Flying knee just misses, and Kampmann goes for a takedown out of desperation. Condit slips to the back, secures the mount instead and works the body with 30 seconds left. Condit back to a rear-naked choke attempt, as Kampmann is trying to fight it off.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Condit

Round 4: Kampmann comes right out with a takedown attempt off a right hand, but Condit sprawls and defends it. Condit lands a head kick and is on the attack once again, knees to the head in succession and Kampmann is down and out. The ref steps in to save him and this one is all over.

Carlos Condit def. Martin Kampmann via KO (knees to the head) at :54 of Round 4

That’s it for this evening. Sorry about the delay folks, as we had some server issues. Hopefully everything will be figured out for Saturday’s UFC 164: Henderson vs. Pettis event.