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Anderson Silva Says Taunting Chris Weidman Was All Part Of His Strategy

Former UFC middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva tries to renew his dominant reign at UFC 168 against Chris Weidman for a chance to take his championship belt back to Brazil.

Silva responded to questions about his desire to regain the title that he held firmly for almost seven years:

“When I finished my fight with Chris Weidman I was tired and not too happy,” he said in a recent interview. “I train hard for the win all the time but sometimes you don’t have the chance to win. Chris Weidman is a strategist and focused. Sometimes you have a good night in the fight, sometimes you have a bad night in the fight.”

Many fans assumed Silva’s antics are what caused Weidman’s left hook to collide with his chin. However, Silva claims it was just a bad night, and it was Weidman’s strategy that brought his streak to a screeching halt at UFC 162.

When asked if he felt the taunting is what led to his demise, Silva answered:

“It’s part of my game, not because I don’t respect my opponent. I respect my opponents, but this is my strategy,” Silva said. “I have the next story now – December 8th – the new Anderson is coming. I’m more complete for the new fight.”

When Silva was asked in his post-fight interview about rematching Weidman for a chance to regain his title, the Spider was reluctant to respond accordingly. Instead, he said that he wasn’t willing to fight Weidman again. But now it seems like he’s back on track and ready to try to swipe the 185 pound throne.