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Mark Munoz To Turn Michael Bisping’s Volume Down In His Home Town

Mark Munoz and Michael Bisping are set to meet in the main event of UFC Fight Night 30 for a middleweight showdown in Bisping’s home land of Manchester, England.

While Bisping thinks Munoz is one-dimensional, Munoz still plans to dish him a defeat for all his fans to see.

Previously labeling the Englishman “Pillow Fists”, Munoz has more to say in regards to Bisping having never knocked anybody unconscious in the Octagon, and a response to Bisping’s typical trash talk.

“I know he’s pumping up the fight. Fact of the matter is he’s a volume puncher, he needs more than 100 punches to TKO somebody. It doesn’t take that many punches for me to TKO somebody or knock them out. He knows that.”

Bisping had his way with Alan Belcher in his last bout at UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen, but it took an eye poke to end the bout, not a power strike. And, his other eight wins have all come by TKO, where his opponents couldn’t whether the storm and were overwhelmed with accumulated strikes that forced the referee to step in.

Power may not be the only deciding factor in this middleweight meeting in Manchester.

Munoz also holds the better wrestling credentials as an NCAA Division 1 All-American wrestler. But it sounds like he could ignore that when they meet in the center of the cage.