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Joe Riggs Talks Low Income Years

Joe Riggs found fame early in his MMA career, landing a UFC title shot in 2005. Time and some poor choices have changed everything. Years of drug abuse saw Riggs drop several fights out of Strikeforce, Bellator and other promotions. When offered a chance to compete on the first season of Bellator??s Fight Master, Riggs took the offer but promised his wife retirement if he fails to win.

In his best year, Riggs said he made $400,000 and last year was the lowest with $67,000.

??That??s not enough to take care of four people in the family,? said Riggs to MMA Fighting. ??We were used to living at a certain level. As a fighter, it??s feast or famine. One day, I get a $15,000 check. Maybe then I??ll get another fight for ten grand. Then I wouldn??t make any money for six months. Feast or famine.?

As Fight Master enters the semifinals, Riggs is still in it. He got the decision over Evan Cutts on the previous episode.

Fighter Master returns on Thursday at 11 p.m. ET. The finals take place at Bellator 97 on September 7. The winner earns $100,000 and future welterweight tournament spot.