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UFC Fight Night 26: Joe Lauzon Vs. Michael Johnson

Joe Lauzon vs. Michael Johnson

Let’s kick-start the main card with a pair of lightweights primed to steal the show, as “King of the Fight Night Bonuses,” Joe Lauzon (22-8) battles Michael Johnson (12-8). Lauzon has won 12 bonuses, tying him for most in the UFC with Anderson Silva. Yves Lavigne serves as the referee.

Round 1: As you would expect, just a completely crazy ovation for Lauzon, the Boston-bred fighter. And, just to stay in the norm, the crowd boos Johnson as if he were a New York Yankee or Los Angeles Laker. Johnson with the first flurry of the fight, unloading with lefts and rights, followed by an inside leg kick. Lauzon gets off a right hand, as neither fighter have been able to string much together yet. Johnson catches Lauzon with a straight left and drops him, but Lauzon gets right back to his feet before any further damage can be done. Johnson on the attack and Lauzon seems rattled. Big straight connects from the former Ultimate Fighter competitor. Large “Lauzon” chant breaks out, but the crowd has been calmed due to the offense of Johnson. Again, Lauzon eats a huge uppercut, but he remains upright. Another straight left catches Lauzon and this time Johnson continues the attack, following up.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Johnson

Round 2: Lauzon goes right for the takedown, as he has had enough of Johnson’s offensive attacks. Johnson, though, fends it off and they square back at center-Octagon. The pace from Johnson has been taken down a notch, likely knowing he can’t finish Lauzon right now and needs to save some in the tank for the third. Lauzon lands a big left, but Johnson fires back with several uppercuts. Lauzon’s face is starting to look like earlier this year during his loss to Jim Miller – minus the pool of blood. Johnson ends the round with a big takedown.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Johnson

Round 3: Both guys are taking it down a notch, but here comes Johnson with a solid combo that connects. Johnson pours it on, sending Lauzon down. More rights and lefts continue to land to the head of Lauzon, who just appears to be a step behind Johnson. Two takedowns defended and Johnson scores with an uppercut. A great showing by the underdog who was in dire need of a victory. One minute left and Lauzon’s face is wearing the punishment of the 116 strikes landed by Johnson.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Johnson

Michael Johnson def. Joe Lauzon via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)