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UFC Fight Night 26: Mike Brown Vs. Steven Siler

Mike Brown vs. Steven Siler

We remain in the featherweight division, as former WEC champion Mike Brown (26-8) returns for the first time since early in 2012 to face Steven Siler (22-10). Brown, who lost the WEC title to Jose Aldo in 2009, was nearing retirement before deciding to fight once again. Siler is 4-1 since joining the UFC from The Ultimate Fighter. Yves Lavigne will serve as the referee in charge.

Round 1: Brown is 37 years old. I turn 31 in a matter of weeks and cannot imagine competing at my age, yet alone in six years. Just incredible. Brown is the betting favorite and crowd favorite. Siler looking to use his reach, lands a kick and catches Brown with a right. Brown drops, Siler pounces and lands another right that knocks him out. The ref steps in, and Brown is protesting, but he was out. The finish was the fifth-fastest in the featherweight division.

Steven Siler def. Mike Brown via KO (strikes) at :50 of Round 1