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Chad George An Improved Striker Following Back Surgery

With a new disk in his back, former WEC fighter Chad George is like a brand new fighter. For the first time in many years, George feels his tools are sharper than ever.

“I haven’t been able to kick for the last couple of years because if I turned my hip a certain way, I would be in pain for days,” said George on “Now I’m moving my hips properly and learning the proper form. I never had confidence in my punching power, I mean, I knew I had it, but my core was so weak. Now I’m strengthening it I’m getting confident with everything that I throw.”

In what will be 17 months since his last fight, George makes his return for Pandemonium on October 5.

George joined the WEC off plenty of opening round submission wins. He went 1-2 for the WEC before leaving. The bantamweight took three wins, with two out of BAMMA, and then was choked out by Joe Soto in his last fight.

With an injury likes this, George knows to take it easy and has just started to ease into hitting the pads harder.