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Frank Shamrock Suffers “Big Kick In The Nuts” On Yesterday’s Fight Master

Heading into yesterday’s Fight Master, Frank Shamrock’s team was doing the best with three fighters still left. By the end of the one hour episode everything changed as two members were eliminated, leaving Shamrock with one fighter.

“We were on such a roll and our spirits were so high,” said Shamrock to MMA Fighting. “Every time we went out we were winning and looking great. It was a big kick in the nuts. It was tough to walk back into that room, keep the energy high and be a leader, because plain and simple, we got beat up.”

Cole Williams defeated Nick Barnes in what was a very late stoppage by the referee. The other fight on the episode had an emotional Mike Bronzoulis get the decision over Chris Lozano.

Shamrock and Joe Warren each have one fighter left while Randy Couture and Greg Jackson each have two names remaining. After the two planned fights next week, Bellator’s reality show will be down to the final four.

Fight Master has been moved to Thursday’s at 11 p.m. ET and the finals of the show will air at Bellator 98, which starts Season 9.