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Will Ribeiro Teaches Youth Despite Being Partially Paralyzed

The left side of Will Ribeiro’s body remains paralyzed following a 2008 motorcycle accident. The Brazilian doesn’t let it stop him from teaching the youth in the area and he’s being honored by the Brazilian legislative assembly for his efforts.

“Even before the accident, I used to teach,” said Ribeiro to MMA Junkie. “Years ago I imagined I could serve as a role model to our youth, but not in this way. Nowadays I feel a greater sense of responsibility.”

Due to a lack of reliable transportation and money, Ribeiro’s road to recovery is far from smooth. He misses regular physical therapy sessions and hasn’t been able to attend speech therapy to work on his vocal-cord damage.

Ribeiro has gone back to hitting the heavy bag for exercise. The former WEC fighter’s career ended at 10-2.

The poor medical care in Brazil didn’t help Ribeiro’s health.