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UFC Saturday Boston: Chael Sonnen Looks Past Every Single Opponent

Chael Sonnen, who has already stated that he’s looking to pick fights with Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort, is on the docket to do battle with the former Light Heavyweight champion Mauricio Rua this weekend (AUG. 17, 2013) in Boston Mass., for five-round main event.

Sonnen says that he tends to look past every opponent in order to get his mind off of the pre-fight nerves:

“You can be a chess player and look a few moves ahead or you can be a checkers player and be like everybody else and I don’t know that either is wrong. I personally look past all my fights. I try not to look at only one fight. Looking past a guy is one way to get your mind of the matter at hand. It just depends on the athlete, some athletes don’t like to do that, they really got to zero in. I’m a tournament guy, I grew up as a wrestler. I would take on 5, 6 guys in one day. Looking ahead is standard when you’re in a bracket format.”

Check out UFC’s launch on Fox Sports 1 this Saturday night.