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Frank Shamrock On Backstage Fight Master News

One sharp difference between The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) and Fight Master is when it comes to fight time. The UFC’s TUF allows team members to be present during fights, while Bellator’s Fighter Master only has the coaches watching.

When the fight takes place, the other contestants don’t know who won until after the men head back to their teams.

“The rest of the team, they’re sitting around, guys are freaking out,” said Frank Shamrock to MMA Fighting. “All you hear is grunting and yelling, and then the door opens, and if your boy either won or lost, then we’re either celebrating or not. It’s so surreal. I think they were trying to capture what really happened in that moment.”

Fight Master heads into the second round with next week’s episode. Shamrock leads the coaches with three of his four fighters remaining.

Other coaches include Greg Jackson, Joe Warren and Randy Couture.