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UFC Featherweight Nik Lentz Used Fight Of The Night Bonus To Finance His Father’s Surgery

NCAA Division I wrestler, Nik Lentz, is twelve fights in to his UFC career thus far, and sitting comfortable at number 8 in the crowded featherweight rankings, Lentz is steadily climbing toward a shot at Jose Aldo’s 145 pound crown.

Lentz (25-2, 8-2 UFC) has won his last three fights, two of those bouts being victories behind enemy lines against Brazilians in Brazil.

The 145 pound powerhouse was once close to being cut from the company in 2011 after scoring only one win in 2011, but apparently his paperwork for his release wasn’t yeat filed, so when a replacement opponent was needed to face Evan Dunham at UFC’s big debut on Fox, Lentz jumped on the opportunity without hesitation.

The fight turned out to be a crowd-pleasing, and with it earning honorary fight of the night honors, that was enough to prompt the higher ups to keep Lentz around for more exciting fights.

“I took that $65,000 and I didn’t pay my manager’s fees or anything else and I called my Dad and said, ‘Now, you’re having that surgery.’ I knew that was the only thing I could do with it. I’ve been poor lots of time in my life. I can live without money. But my Dad and I were so close; we were such a close family. I didn’t know if I could live without my Dad. It was an easy choice.”

While Lentz’s father feels like his son is destined to someday face off with Aldo for a shot at a UFC championship, it doesn’t seem too farfetched with the brute wrestler being undefeated in his weight class.