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Phil Davis Thought He Got Rounds Two & Three Over Lyoto Machida

Post UFC 163 and the twitter sprees and controversy is still alive while “Mr. Wonderful” Phil Davis gets back to America safely with his second UFC win over a Brazilian in Brazil. It wasn’t the submission he had planned, but his first win over a former UFC light-heavyweight champion is on record so that’s that.

“My corner told me I had lost two rounds,” he said. “If it’s close I automatically lost that round. I knew it was close. Second and third I believe were probably mine.”

Davis was evading all of Machida’s power strikes very well throughout the fight. Flashback to Machida’s devastating taking of the 205-pound strap back in ’09 in his fight with Rashad Evans where the Dragon took full advantage of every opening and set them up himself by using his fast footwork.

Lyoto left it a little too close to call, and now with many of the light heavyweight having already been through the buzz saw in Jonny “Bones” Jones, then maybe Davis can scoot right into the num. 1 contender slot?

Jones is currently set to face Davis’ close training partner Alexander Gustafsson in a 205 pound title fight at UFC 165, and Davis says he’ll fight either man for a shot at UFC gold.