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Bec Hyatt On Being A Victim Of Domestic Violence

Bec Hyatt shared a Facebook post from Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia, where she retells her story of an abusive relationship with a man named Dan.

The 5-3 Australian said Dan would abuse her physically over arguments regarding her son from a previous relationship. Hyatt had to endure being kicked, choked unconscious, shoved into walls, smothered with pillows and spit on.

“He literally made me feel like the dirt on the bottom of his shoe. Sometimes he would break down in tears and apologize saying he ‘didn’t wanna do it but he had no choice – that I have given him no choice.’”

The abuse led to Hyatt getting out of the relationship and into the gym. She’s 1-2 for Invicta FC and failed to win the strawweight championship to start the year.

Hyatt’s post already has over 36,000 Facebook likes. For her full post, click here.