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BellatorMMA: Summer Series 2 Play-by-Play Results- Chandler Vs. Rickels

Lightweight World Title Fight: Michael Chandler vs. David Rickels: Round 1. Main event time ya’ll!! tap of the gloves and we’re off. Leg kicks by Rickels, Chandler not checking any of them. A few jabs from Chandler landing clean. Heavy right hand drops Rickels, Rickles pops back up and another few rights drops Rickels for good. As long as it took me to type this, they have replayed the ending and Rickels is still out!! Dddaaammmn!! Chandler literally ate a left right before he countered w/ a right to initially drop Rickels. Holy hell.

Official Results: Chandler def. Rickels via KO at 0:44 or Round 1.