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BellatorMMA: Summer Series 2 Play-by-Play Results- Askren Vs Koreschkov

Welterweight World Title Fight: Ben Askren vs. Andrey Koreschkov: Round 1. Damn, they engage immediately and Askren is doing some funky cradle/pedigree type move and he damn near mounted Koreschkov. Koreschkov escapes but lands in a one arm in guillotine but Koreschkov holds on and gets out. Askren is all over Koreschkov from the jump. Koreschkov is fighting from behind already. Koreschkov is being schooled big time. Askren has one hook in and doesn’t seem to be concerned w/ putting the second one in. Askren threatens w/ a RNC but Koreschkov defends. Askren is riding Koreschkov and not letting Koreschkov have any air at all. Round ends, damn.

Fightline gives Round 1 to Askren 10-8.

Round 2. Askren shoots and Koreschkov sprawls and nearly gets his back but Askren gets Koreschkov down and is in side control and now full mount, Jesus. He just mounted him like Koreschkov has no defense. Askren continues to ride Koreschkov as he literally stopped , raised his arm and chanted USA! USA! Wheelock said it best, who does that? “Funky” is quite the character. I hope he never leaves Bellator. They roll over and Askren continues to threaten w/ a RNC but he seems more comfortable rolling and riding Koreschkov rather than finishing. The keep scrambling and Askren gets to north-south but does nothing w/ it. Now he moves to side mount. Koreschkov has no answer for Askren’s funkiness. Crucifix and Askren is landing right hand after right hand and the round ends.

Fightline gives Round 2 to Askren 20-18.

Round 3. Damn, I just realized this is a title fight and we have 3 more rounds to go. This might suck if the ref doesn’t stop this fight. Askren shoots and momentarily gets Koreschkov’s back. They roll over and Askren in back to the mount. I realize Askren is very good, but every opponent he’s fought seem surprised. They have this look on their faces like they’re surprised when they get here, getting schooled by Askren. Really? Askren doing a welterweight impression of Cain Velasquez, pounding his opponent on the ground w/ little to no submission attempts. Askren is handing Koreschkov his ass on a red, white and blue colored platter, no joke. They roll over a scramble but Askren stays stuck on Koreschkov’s back. North-south and maybe a kimura by Askren, and no, false alarm. Askren twirls his finger in the air like whoop de fucking doo, I’m winning as the round ends.

Fightline gives Round 3 to Askren 30-26.

Round 4. Askren shoots and gets the takedown. He passes immediately but this time, it looks like he may have a side choke. It looks deep and Koreschkov isn’t fighting it that much, besides the “answer the phone” block. He gives it up and jumps back to mount. Koreschkov rolls but Askren gingerly moves from half to side to mount and back to side control as if he’s scratching his balls. Ok back to mount. Koreschkov rolls and Askren gets back mount. The ref was basically looking for a reason to stop the fight and Askren gave it to him by throwing a few consecutive punches. End of fight, thank god. Not that I don’t like grappling, but 2 more rounds of this shit would’ve sucked big time, for Koreschkov just as much as for fans.

Official Results: Askren def. Koreschkov via TKO at 2:58 of Round 4.