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BellatorMMA: Summer Series 2 Play-by-Play Results- King Mo Vs. Noe

Light Heavyweight Tournament Final: King Mo vs. Jacob Noe: Round 1. Despite all the shit talk from yesterday, they shake hands before the bout. They meet in the center and King Mo hands are nice and high. Mo waits for a kick from Noe and Mo gets a single leg and an easy takedown. Noe is trying to get back up, he does but Mo takes him back down. Mo putting a lot of pressure on Noe. Knee to the body by Mo as Noe gets back up. Noe is bouncing around on one foot before Mo takes him down once more. Mo lets Noe get back up only to power through w/ a blast double leg. Noe covers up as Mo is unloading some decent GnP. Nothing is landing clean but they’re unanswered punches. Noe doing a good job of posturing on his hip to avoid heavy shots. Mo is in Noe’s half guard and Mo is using his right arm for a one-on-one behind Noes back preventing Noe from getting back up. Nothing really exciting but steady pressure from Mo and a knee to the body right as the bell rings.

Fightline gives Round 1 King Mo 10-9.

Round 2. Straight right by Noe barely missed. Inside kick by Noe, lands perfectly. Not a lot of power but I’m sure it stung. Mo changes levels and eats a jab for it. Mo changes levels again and this time shoots and gets the takedown. Noe is on his right hip as Mo postures to land some nice punches. Noe brings his legs up for an armbar but Mo scarcely defended it before Noe gave up. Mo keeps Noe against the fence, switches between body and head, everything is landing for Mo. Mo is landing more and more, there’s a bit of blood on Noe’s nose and some swelling under his left eye. Noe just can’t seem to get anything off. No one punch is hurting Noe, it’s a matter of accumulation.

Fightline gives Round 2 to King Mo 20-19.

Round 3. Double leg by Mo, easy takedown. Smith and Wheelock have been teasing w/ a big announcement coming up from Rampage later in the broadcast. Bellator comes back from commercial break and the camera pans in on former middleweight, super middleweight,light heavyweight and heavyweight champ, Roy Jones Jr. Did Bellator just prematurely blow their wad? Maybe. Noe gets up only to receive a few heavy punches, possibly opening Noe’s mouse under his eye. Mo shoots in again and takes him down once more. A little more GnP by Mo and the ref has seen enough. Good call by the ref. No need to continue if Noe is only going to take a worse ass whopping for 2 or 3 more minutes. Bellator finally get’s what they wanted, King Mo w/ a light heavyweight title shot.

Official Results: King Mo def. Noe via TKO at 2:51 of Round 3.