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BellatorMMA: Summer Series 2 Play-by-Play Results- Pitbull Vs. Downing

Featherweight Feature Bout: Jared Downing vs. Patricio Pitbull: Round 1. Wow, they’re throwing already. High kick by Pitbull. Hard right hand by Pitbull drops Downing, Pitbull attacks and slaps on a guillotine but Downing escapes. That was close. Downing on top of Pitbull against the fence. Pitbull gets back up but Downing is in tight w/ a clinch. Pitbull turns Downing. They’r broken and back to the center they go. Right hand misses by Pitbull. Low kick, lands low but time is not called. 1-2-3 combo Pitbull lands nicely. They clinch against the fence and Pitbull breaks. Downing lands some nice some nice jabs. Downing lunges in and gets caught again, Downing drops and pops back up, Pitbull attacks and Downing trys to buy some time clinching against the fence. Downing drops for s double and gets it. Downing ends the round on top. Good action.

Fightline gives Round 1 to Pitbull 10-9.

Round 2. Am I tripping or does the Bellator cage looks bigger? Maybe it’s just me. Ok, we’re on. Downing walking Pitbull down. High kick by Pitbull, barely missed. Another 1-2 by Pitbull catches Downing clean again and down goes Downing, he pops up but once more Pitbull drops Downing. Downing is up and back peddling and one last 1-2 down the center drops Downing like a tree and the ref jumps in to save Downing. it seems as if the 1-2 knocked Downing out and the back of his head bouncing off the canvas actually woke him back up, as nuts as that sounds. After the ref jumps in, Downing gets right back up as if nothing had happened but he was hurt, no doubt. Crazy scene though.

Official Results: Pitbull def. Downing via TKO at 0:54 of Round 2.