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Stephan Bonnar: Tito Ortiz Is Broke

Tito Ortiz struck a nerve with Stephan Bonnar when referencing how he didn’t belong in the UFC hall of fame. “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” suggested the lack of wins on Bonnar’s record and how he never held a title as reasons for his point.

According to the 15-8 Bonnar, Ortiz is jealous he’s not as rich thanks to a divorce from his ex-wife Jenna Jameson.

“We all know he’s broke,” said Bonnar at the UFC 162 Fan Expo. “We know Jenna took all his money. You know, Punishment Clothing, the only people I see wearing that nowadays are homeless people. The management company, you know – not making any money there. So I’m gonna help the poor guy get paid.”

During the UFC 162 Fan Expo, Bonnar was inducted alongside Forrest Griffin. The two were in the finals of the inaugural The Ultimate Fighter.

Ortiz, who was inducted into the hall of fame last year, has no problems with Griffin entering. While retired, Ortiz has recently sent out feelers about a return.