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Bellator 97: Jacob Noe Will Earn King Mo’s Respect On July 31

Light-heavyweight finalists in the Bellator Summer Series 2013 tournament will go head-to-head on July 31, 2013 to determine who takes the top spot at 205lbs.

This will not be the first time Jacob Noe and King Mo have met. Mo claims to have caught him crying over a loss backstage.

Noe hasn’t taken his rival’s antics too lightly, and says he’s not gonna be the one looking like a jackass on July 31, via fightmagazine

“I want the spotlight he gets, everybody feels that way, some people may feel he don’t deserve it, I’m kinda one of those, I feel like you need to earn yourself. Nothing you’ve done in the past should glorify you now, it’s something that you’re doing or gonna do. I have no disrespect toward Mo, I don’t hate him as a person, I really feel that I’m gonna bring a fight to him, I don’t know if he’s been in a fight as fast-paced and as hard as mine is gonna be.”