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Frank Shamrock Explains Worst Strike He Took To The Liver

Bellator’s Fight Master was back yesterday and saw Ismael Gonzalez take care of Marcus Aurelio with a liver kick. Frank Shamrock, one of the four coaches who was near the cage, said the hardest liver shot he ever took came from Bas Rutten.

“He probably kicked me at least five or six times in the liver during our fight,” said Shamrock to MMA Fighting. “Afterwards you just feel tender in that area, like you’ve run into something really hard. It’s the initial [strike], it feels like you’re paralyzed. All of a sudden you’re good, then your whole body just kind of seizes up.”

Rutten took the win at the 11 minute mark for Pancrase way back in 1996. He can now be seen at a number of places doing play-by-play and on Inside MMA.

Fight Master allows the fighters to select their coach. Each team will have four fighters and the finalized version will be known next week. The winner takes $100,000 and a welterweight tournament spot.