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UFC 162: “Stupidest, (Expletive) Thing” Says Dana White In Regards To Fix

As you might have expected, UFC president Dana White fired off a typical Dana White line when asked about the main event of UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman being fixed Saturday night.

“People are saying what? That’s the stupidest, (expletive) thing I have heard in my life,” White said.

After Chris Weidman stunned Anderson Silva and knocked out the long-time UFC middleweight champion, social media sites like Twitter blew up with thoughts of a fix being in on the bout.

Silva was a 2-to-1 favorite, but many UFC fighters stated they felt Weidman had the right tools to defeat “The Spider.”

White also added that he feels Silva wants a rematch and that he “guarantees” in the next few days he will feel that way. Immediately following the loss, Silva stated his desire to not take a rematch.

“No matter what he says publically, I guarantee there is nothing he wants more than a rematch,” Whit added.