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UFC 162: Anderson Silva Vs. Chris Weidman

Anderson Silva (c) vs. Chris Weidman for UFC middleweight championship

It’s time for the main event. Five rounds in the UFC’s middleweight division. Anderson Silva (33-4) puts his undefeated UFC mark on the line against unbeaten Chris Weidman (9-0). The referee will be Herb Dean.

Round 1: Weidman offered to touch gloves, and Silva just bowed his head instead. Interesting. Weidman shoots and scores with a quick takedown, landing some nice big rights while moving into the guard. Nice takedown from Weidman, working the body inside half-guard as a loud “USA” chant breaks out. Weidman working to pass the guard, but is unable to. Pair of big rights connect, as Weidman spins and goes for a leg lock or potential heel hook. He’s turning it and Silva’s spinning with him, and “The Spider” gets out. Weidman mimicking Silva’s hands down approach, and he lands a couple of rights. Hands on his hips and Weidman lands, but Silva’s laughs and tells him to come on. Straight right from Silva, who puts his chin out and tells him to bring it. Silva telling Weidman what he is going to do and trying to get him caught.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Weidman

Round 2: After the round, the two engaged in a hug and Silva kissed the cheek of Weidman, getting a smile from both men. Silva telling Weidman to bring it yet again at the start of the round. Silva dancing around, jumping around and avoiding everything Weidman throws. He fends off a takedown but that is it. Weidman has caught Silva and dropped him. This one is all over, as Silva goes limp and is done. Silva tried to grab Herb Dean’s leg. Silva almost looked like he was pretending to be dazed, and left his hands down. Weidman continued to attack, dropping him straight on the chin and continuing with several more punches before the ref can step in.

Chris Weidman def. Anderson Silva via KO (strikes) at 1:18 of Round 2 to become new UFC middleweight champion