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UFC 162: Seth Baczynski Vs. Brian Melancon

Seth Baczynski vs. Brian Melancon

We remain in the welterweight division for our second of two Facebook fights with Seth Baczynski (18-9) taking on Brian Melancon (6-2). The third man inside the Octagon will be Yves Lavigne.

Round 1: Melancon with a kick to the lead leg and follows it up with a big left hand that lands. Another to the body, and Melancon is looking strong in the early portion of this one. Baczynski with a massive reach advantage, and uses it to land a front kick. Second body shot by Melancon, who has the attention of Baczynski. And another left by Melancon, who has done damage in these first two minutes. Cut over the right eye of Baczynski, who looks rattled and wounded. Melancon lands a counter left that drops Baczynski and he pounces. Big upkick by Baczynski connects, as Melancon gets up and wants to get back to striking on the feet. Swelling now over the right eye, and Baczynski hits a counter of his own. Baczynski has him tied up against the fence and hits a knee to the body, but he is definitely feeling the strikes. Melancon with a shoot and he scores on a single-leg takedown with a minute left. Nice ground-and-pound, including a knee to the body. Just as the bell is getting ready to sound, Melancon drops down and lands a huge right and several more, and this one is all over, as Baczynski is out cold.

Brian Melancon def. Seth Baczynski via KO (strikes) at 4:59 of Round 1