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UFC 162: Mike Pierce Vs. David Mitchell

Mike Pierce vs. David Mitchell

We begin this historic night with welterweight Mike Pierce (16-5) putting his three-fight UFC win streak on the line against David Mitchell (12-2). The referee in charge will be Steve Mazzagatti.

Round 1: Pierce comes right out, searching for the knockout by throwing heavy bombs. Looking for a double-leg takedown now is Pierce, but Mitchell fights off it. Mitchell is taking advantage of Pierce continuing to go for a takedown, landing some nice strikes inside the clinch. Pair of knees to the body land by Mitchell, and one just misses off the chin. Pierce with his own knees to the body, and his appear to have done more damage with more power behind them. Mitchell spins out of the clinch and eats a huge right hand for his effort.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Pierce

Round 2: Right back to the clinch against the fence is this battle, as Pierce bullies Mitchell. Pierce grinding on him, and Mitchell answers his corner and gets free. Big overhand misses by Mitchell and Pierce goes right back to the clinch. Pierce connects and drops Mitchell, following up with several uncontested rights on the ground and this one is over. It was a vicious left hook that floored Mitchell.

Mike Pierce def. David Mitchell via TKO (strikes) at 2:55 of Round 2