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UFC 162 Main Event: Kenny Florian’s Three Tips For Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva

Former UFC title contender Kenny Florian offered up three interesting thoughts in regards to what Chris Weidman must do Saturday night to defeat Anderson Silva, and what Silva needs to do to defend his belt.

The two collide for the UFC middleweight title in the main event of UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman.

Here’s what Florian, the co-host of “UFC Tonight” had to say on Twitter Friday afternoon regarding the match:

For Chris Weidman

1. Weidman must start fast & get in Silva’s face. Longer u allow Silva to stay on his feet, the more rhythm & timing u give him.

2. CW must mix up striking to disguise his takedowns. This will also get him respect from Silva in that area to create a dilemma.

3. If/when Weidman gets the takedown he must use a tight top game. From 1/2 guard & side control he can set up guillotine & D’Arce.

For Anderson Silva

1. Silva must use his fakes, circling & side to side movement to keep Weidman off balance to slow down his wrestling shots.

2. AS uses the cage so well to aid his defensive wrestling. Look for him to back up & circle close to the cage to help defend td’s.

3. Silva is the best counter striker in UFC history. Look for him to try to catch Weidman as he comes forward.