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Renzo Gracie Recalls How He Became A Bouncer

Renzo Gracie was a teenager and visiting a local ladies house when the unexpected happened. The bouncer at the Brazilian establishment attempted to break up a situation between one of the girls and a patron who refused to pay.

The bouncer was then knocked out with a head butt, so Gracie and his friend intervened.

“My friend shot on his legs and grabbed them and I jump on his back and choke him out,” said Gracie to Famous Bouncers. “And after I choke him, I grab his wallet and I pay the lady what he owe, and then I wake him up and kick him out. Tell him not to come back.”

When the bouncer woke up, he offered them jobs and the two accepted as they were short on cash. Gracie worked there for three months and said the ladies gave him free service.

Gracie recently said he’s preparing for a UFC return at lightweight. The 46-years-old competed once for the promotion, losing in 2010.