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Frank Shamrock: UFC Doesn’t Like Me As Competition

Frank Shamrock believes he deserves a spot in the UFC hall of fame and it’s the UFC preventing it from happening. The former champion believes his involvement with other MMA promotions hurt his image with the UFC.

“It’s obvious the UFC hall of fame is about the UFC,” said Shamrock on Inside MMA. “It’s their hall of fame and if they don’t want me, there’s nothing I can do. I’d raise my hand for a nomination. They don’t like me. I started all these competing shows. Now I’m on a competing show and network. We didn’t get along and that was that.”

Following four UFC light heavyweight championship defenses, Shamrock made his first retirement from the sport. He returned 15 months later, but never again for the UFC. Shamrock would headline the first Strikeforce show and retire once again in 2010.

Nowadays, Shamrock serves as coach for Bellator’s new reality show Fight Master. It’s two episodes deep and continues this Wednesday on Spike TV.