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UFC 162 Main Event: Cain Velasquez And Rashad Evans Predict Silva-Weidman

The clock is ticking…

We are just 24 hours away from the UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman extravaganza getting underway, and with the Pay-Per-View fight card right around the corner, more pro fighters have come forth with their thoughts on how the main event on Saturday (JUNE 6, 2013) will unfold. Specifically, the last two winners of the past two PPV main events.

Follow along as both Rashad Evans and Cain Velazquez share some insight on Silva-Weidman.

Velasquez is the UFC heavyweight champion, and just clobbered Antonio Silva at UFC 160 in May. The title belt still around his waist, Velasquez doesn’t think Chris Weidman has what it takes to pull off the victory this weekend.

“Anderson Silva has more tools right now with his overall stand-up,” Cain told UFC Tonight. “His knees, elbows and punches. I just see him winning the fight. No matter if it goes one round or five rounds, I’m picking Anderson Silva.”

Evans just regained some momentum in the light-heavyweight class with a close decision win over Dan Henderson at UFC 161 in Winnipeg. The former 205 lb titleholder sees something in Weidman that many experts are overlooking.

“Anderson Silva, he’s my favorite fighter to watch, and I’m a big fan of Anderson Silva. But I don’t know?” Evans said in a UFC interview.”Weidman is extremely tough and he’s really strong and he’s big, really big. Weidman, I’m telling you, probably has one of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu games out there, he’s not really known for his Jiu-Jitsu, but his Jiu Jitsu is top-notch, he trains with the guys at Renzo Gracie’s gym, and if he gets that full mount position, he’s gonna finish the fight”