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Georges St. Pierre: Anderson Silva Will Get Finished, And It Wont Take Long.

The reason you fight fans will be watching Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman this weekend, instead of Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre, is tribute to the long time welterweight champ not liking the fight. Now Pierre’s patience has led to his friend and training partner’s huge opportunity to put himself on the map for years to come.

Georges St. Pierre told SPORTS NET CANADA some strong words about the fight between Weidman and Silva this weekend (JUL 6th 13) on Pay-Per-View.

“My friend, Chris Weidman…I see him in training every day, I believe he’s gonna beat Anderson Silva. I believe he’s a bad match-up for Anderson Silva, very bad. Not only is he gonna beat… I believe he’s gonna finish Anderson Silva. It’s not gonna be too long, that fight, people will be shocked. Anderson Silva is smart, Chris Weidman is coming back from an injury – long layoff – its the time to fight him right now. That’s good, it’s gonna be the best time to fight Chris Weidman.”

If Weidman pulls off the upset, his first title defense will be an instant rematch with Silva, not a fight with Vitor Belfort, who could be sitting on the shelf for up to a year before he gets his wish.