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Fans Won’t Let Cub Swanson Forget About His Eight Second Loss To Jose Aldo

UFC featherweight fighter Cub Swanson has put together a nice four-fight win streak that has put his name at the fifth spot in the 145lb ranks. In a recent interview, Swanson stated that he wants to move past his three-year old loss to Jose Aldo, but some fans just won’t stop rubbing it in

The striker talks with ESPN and recalls being on the receiving end of a highlight reel knockout.

“It gets brought up to me all the time, people won’t let me forget it. I’ve heard it a million times. I wish they were clever about it. So much time has passed that I would laugh about it, but people are so lame. I’ll be like [on Twitter], ‘I went to the store today and this happened,’ — something funny. Then somebody will go, ‘Like the time you got kneed in the face in eight seconds?’ — I went to the hospital that night to get my face stitched up and all I could think about was, ‘I owe the fans a fight.’ That could have been a legendary fight in the WEC, and I didn’t approach it right.”

Swanson would split wins and losses before finally finding some traction in his weight class, racking up three-straight knockout wins in 2012, then a decision over Dustin Poirier really put a stamp on his contender status. Fighting out of Albuquerque, NM., Swanson has some of the most elite fighters and trainers to work alongside, and with a ton of momentum behind him, he’ll be aiming to make it five-straight wins in a row at UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman.

“In my mind, I’m always one win away from a title. If I fight that fight that makes everybody go, ‘Wow, he’s unstoppable,’ — that’s all I can do. I think I do pose the biggest threat to Aldo. I feel like my boxing is better than his. He’s a kick boxer, with devastating kicks. Neither one of us cares to take it to the ground. I feel with my unpredictability and my boxing, I pose a big threat to him.”

Kickboxing specialist Dennis Siver will be standing in his way. The fight will kick off the five fight main card on Pay-Per-View.