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Matt Mitrione Taking Advantage Of Being Josh Barnett’s Punching Bag

Two former NFL players Matt Mitrione and Brendan Schaub will meet in the center of the Octagon on July 27, 2013 at UFC on FX 8. Trading insults back-and-forth on twitter hasn’t really done much but draw more interest to their preliminary bout on FX.

Our friends at Fight HUB TV caught up with the heavyweight Mitrione and asked him about his upcoming fight, training with Josh Barnett, and more.

“If I can get time in to work with Josh and make sure I can be his punching bag and his dummy for a little bit, then I’m gonna do that – make sure I can take advantage of it. He trains hard. He knows what he’s trying to accomplish. He’s been around so long, there’s not many things that surprise him anymore. But he’s a great training partner for me. We go hard.”

Josh Barnett is the UFC’s latest acquired asset in the heavyweight class, his charisma and all out fighting style has made him a fan favorite, or the total opposite. But love him or hate him, Barnett can bring some more depth to the division he’s at, and once he faces Frank Mir at UFC 164 in August, there can be a new contender for Cain Velasquez’s title belt.