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Rampage Responds To Mike Dolce’s Comments About His Diet

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson recently signed a deal with Bellator/TNA after nearly six years of fighting under the Zuffa banner. Jackson will be adjusting his style and character to fit in with professional wrestlers.

Rampage looked back on his experience with fitness guru Mike Dolce, who recently said the former light heavyweight champ would hide caandy bars in his pillowcases.

“Mike Dolce is just promoting himself. All that guy does is talk shit. If you look at the Countdown show to fights before I worked with Dolce and while I was working with him, my face actually looked better before I worked with him…I did my last weight cuts myself. I got a chef and did it myself. When was the last time Mike Dolce won a fight himself? He says I didn’t win without him. My last three fights I lost because Jon Jones kicked my ass and I was injured for my last two fights. I didn’t lose because of my weight. I’m a human being first and a fighter second…I don’t eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. I nibble a little bit sometimes. All you have to do is eat clean to lose weight. He has the ‘Dolce Diet’ and tries to fool people into thinking it is something special. Everything in the ‘Dolce Diet’ you can learn yourself by searching on the internet.”