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Fight Master Episode 2 Recap

Bellator returned yesterday with their second episode of Fight Master.

The show started where the previous ended, with fighters attempting to make the final 16. The one hour show saw 12 welterweights compete with the winner allowed to select their coach. Below are the current teams after the second episode.

-Tim Welch and Eric Bradley are on team Jackson
-Eric Scallan, Evan Cutts and Jason Norwood are on team Warren
-AJ Matthews, Cole Williams and Cristiano Souza are on team Couture
-Nick Barnes, Chris Lozano and Mike Dubois are on team Shamrock

Each team will consist of four members and the third episode is next week. The winner of the show takes $100,000 and a guaranteed tournament spot. Below are the other fighters yet to debut.

Marcus Aurelio, Nick Barnes, Mike Bronzoulis, Frank Carrillo, Ismael Gonzalez, Gareth Joseph, Dom O’Grady, Joe Riggs, Bryan Travers, Andy Uhrich and Artenas Young.