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Matt Brown, Eddie Alvarez, Tim Kennedy: The Morning News Roundup – 6.27.13

Welcome to the Thursday edition of the roundup. In today’s top stories, Matt “the Immortal” Brown makes some bold statements about Georges St Pierre, Eddie Alvarez’s legal battle with Bellator hits another snag, and Tim Kennedy weighs in on the issue of fighter pay. And we’ve also got the details on the latest combat sports superstar to hang up the gloves. Here are your headlines:

• Brown says he thinks he could destroy GSP” if given the opportunity. I’m comfortable saying that pretty much no one agrees, but a fighter that doesn’t believe in himself is already beaten. Brown is riding a 5-fight win streak and will take a major step up in competition when he fights Thiago Alves at UFC on Fox Sports 1: Shogun vs Sonnen.

• Alvarez’s case with Bellator is apparently not scheduled to return to court until September 2014, meaning the former lightweight champion could be on the shelf for the next year and a half at a minimum. It really sucks to see Alvarez unable to compete in what could no doubt be some of the best years of his career.

• Kennedy has added his name to the list of fighters who have criticized fighter pay. In many ways, it seems like only a matter of time until fighters make a serious push toward collective bargaining. But the upper tier fighters (many of whom already make six or seven figures per fight) don’t have as much incentive to push for change, so the whole thing could stall out before it ever gets off the ground.

• Reports are coming in that legendary kickboxer Semmy Schilt is retiring due to a medical issue. Schilt has had a long and illustrious career in combat sports, punctuated by his four K-1 World Grand Prix titles. But in addition to his striking credentials, Schilt was also an accomplished MMA fighter, having competed in Pancrase, the UFC, and Pride.