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Randy Couture Thinks The Fertitta Brothers Use White To Be Insulting

When the five-time UFC champion Randy Couture ditched his deal with Zuffa to sign with Bellator Fighting Championships, UFC President Dana White wasn’t too happy about the whole situation, he went on to bash “The Natural” and said he’s happy Couture is gone.

Couture recently responded to White’s comments

Of course it was hurtful. That’s how Dana operates. That’s the sword that he wields. That’s how the Fertittas use him. They know how he’s going to react. They know he’s going to say the things he’s going to say. He goes out of his way to be hurtful, to be insulting, to drop F-bombs and try to push buttons. That’s how he operates. He’s very predictable in that regard. At the press conference for Fight Master I thanked him for creating such a media storm for the brand new show. And since then we haven’t heard a word from him. But this is how Dana operates. I don’t operate that way. It’s not personal for me. It’s about making the best business decisions I can for my brand and for the sport of mixed martial arts.

White has recently said the UFC runs 24/7, unlike Bellator — and that they will never be able to compete with the big show.