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Sonnen Says Silva Needs Win Over Weidman To Be Considered The Best

Chael Sonnen is the man who had a bone to pick with Anderson Silva for several years before their last bout put a shutter on their hatred for each other. That doesn’t mean Sonnen hasn’t been shy to favor “The Spider’s” next opponent, Chris Weidman.

Sonnen says if Silva can defeat the younger Weidman at UFC 162, he is the best fighter of all time.

“There’s a reason Anderson Silva didn’t want to do this fight and it wasn’t because of a lack of popularity. You don’t have to look too far to realize Chris Weidman has the exact skill-set to beat Anderson Silva. He wants this fight, he’s been in tough matches. His last fight was a main event, where he was an underdog against Mark Munoz. He stepped in to those lights and performed extremely well. He has a better top game, at least submission-wise, than I do, and I was able to have success for several minutes with Anderson from that position. Weidman’s gonna get on top, he needs this. He’s never tasted defeat. I can’t wait for this fight. And let’s also understand, if Anderson Silva wins this fight, the debate ends, he is the best fighter of all time. If you can beat a fighter from a previous generation… that’s what it’s all about.”