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MMA In New York Weekly Update – 6.21.13

Well, that’s it for 2013. On Tuesday night, the Democratic majority in the State Assembly met to determine which legislative issues would get some love and which would get kicked to the curb, and the bill that would’ve lifted the ban got punted in a big way. What does that mean? It means the pro MMA ban will remain on the books for another year, and New York gets to have the cool and hip distinction of being the only place in all of North America where you can’t see a state-sanctioned MMA show. Meanwhile, amateur shows will continue to flourish, and the court battle between Zuffa and the State of New York will continue to rage like two snails fighting over a shell. Here’s what UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner said to me via email when the news broke:

We’re very disappointed but not surprised. I know if the bill was able to get to the Assembly floor we had the votes. New York open for business is a slogan I see on television but not for MMA. We’ll be back next year and keep up the fight. Thanks for your support. This is a Don Quiote tilting at windmills saga!

• Here’s a closer look at what happened on Tuesday night in the State Assembly. It’s really somewhat fascinating, in a “car crash on the highway” sort of way.

• Here’s Newsday with a reaction from UFC chairman Lorenzo Fertitta.

• Here’s Mike Chiappetta breaking it down for us MMA folk.

• For a little perspective, check out this broad timeline of MMA in New York.

• Since the legislative session has now come to a close, there’s really no more reason to continue with this weekly MMA in New York column. There are still a multitude of MMA events going down in the state of course, each one with its own style and flavor and approach to how it polices itself. But that on its own is not enough to merit a column, is it? Anyway, here’s a glimpse of some fights that occurred at the debut of the Golden MMA Championships in Corona, Queens, last Saturday. And if you do want to keep up on all things New York MMA, you can follow me on Twitter.