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Kenny Florian On If Anthony Pettis Or TJ Grant Should Face Benson Henderson Next

Kenny Florian is a veteran of the lower ranks in the UFC, having fought for the UFC title in multiple divisions.

So, when the question comes up of who is deserving of being labelled the No. 1 contender, the co-host of “UFC Tonight” carries a strong voice.

UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson is set to face TJ Grant in August. However, the man most view as the top contender, Anthony Pettis, was recently forced out of a planned meeting with UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo that same month.

Pettis has stated that he would be ready to fight by the end of August, saying that his knee injury will be healed. Some believe he should replace Grant, while others feel he should wait his turn.

“On a merit basis, they both deserve it,” Florian said. “I’ll be honest. I want to see Anthony Pettis fight. I love TJ Grant and he absolutely deserves a shot at Benson Henderson, but Anthony Pettis deserved this shot a while back.

Pettis previously bested Henderson for the WEC lightweight title. Upon both entering the UFC, Pettis was expected to receive a title shot, but the belt was locked in a scheduled match.

“Showtime” decided to face Clay Guida instead of waiting and lost, knocking him back down the rankings. He returned, defeated Donald Cerrone earlier this year, and volunteered to face Aldo instead of waiting for another title fight.