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Bellator 96 Play-by-Play: Renato Babalu Vs. Jacob Noe

Light Heavyweight Semifinal Bout: Renato Sobral vs. Jacob Noe- Round 1. Tap the gloves they they’re off. Very relaxed, no one’s throwing anything at this point. Jab jab, 1-2 by Noe. Noe looks a little soft in the mid section but never judge a book by its cover. Babalu shoots and they briefly clinch and they separate. Inside kick by Babalu, Noe drops to his knees and pops back up. Babaly shot in again and ate a nice right hand. Babaly engaing more now but Noe is standing his ground and unloading hard. Babalu shoots again, Noe sprawls. Noe looks too strong for Babalu. Nice jab by Babalu. Babalu stalking Noe and another shot but Noe stopped it easily. They stay in a clinch against the fence. Babalu lands a low knee and Noe complains to the ref. Time called to recover. Time in. Babalu throws a teep kick and eats a straight right by Noe. Head kick by Babalu, blocked by Noe and he comes back w/ a 1-2. Noe lands a left high kick that lands w/ the knee instead right as the bell rings.

Fightline gives Round 1 to Noe 10-9.

Round 2. Front kick by Babalu, misses. Babalu jabs twice to get close but Noe steps back. Now Noe is walking Babalu down, they exchange and it looks like they butt heards but they don’t complain. They’re clinched against the fence and now the ref breaks them up. Actually, Noe is complaining about another low knee. Another time out. Ok, time in after 15 seconds or so. They exchange jabs. they exchange again and they both land clean but Noe’s punch looked way harder. Babalu attacks but Noe chucks him aside. Babalu lands a stiff jab in between a 1-2 combo from Noe. Another low kick from Babalu, Noe’s leg looks red. Stiff jab by Noe. Over hand right by Babalu lands clean but Noe scarcely blinked. Babalu looks good in this round but you can tell Noe is just way too strong. Now Noe is marching Babalu down, landing some nice rights and lefts. Babalu backs up into the fence and puts his hands down and Noe backs up into the middle of the cage and they stare at each other for 3 or 4 seconds. As they approach one another the bell rings. WTF was that?

Fightline gives Round 2 to Babalu 19-19.

Round 3. Noe lands a nice right hand and now they clinch against the fence again w/ Babalu’s back on it. They break on their own. Stiff jab by Babalu, Noe ate it like nothing. Babalu shoots and it looks deep but Noe is defending it well, he’s working hard for that takedown and Noe escapes. They go to the enter again. Another low kick by Babalu. Another low kick, this time Noe answers w/ a nice left hook that bloodies Babalu’s nose and what looks to be a cut under Babalu’s right eye as well. He keeps connecting on Babalu, Babalu looks woozy. Another stiff jab by Noe followed by a lead right. Noe attacks and lands as Babalu’s back nears the fence. Babalu escapes and back peddles the stumbles a bit as he runs from Noe and the ref jumps in to stop the fight. Babalu is complaining and slightly shoves the referee. Babalu looked hurt but I’m not sure about that stoppage.

Official Results: Noe def. Babalu via TKO at 3:32 of Round 3.