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Bellator 96 Play-by-play: War Machine Vs. Blas Avena

Welterweight Feature Bout: War Machine vs. Blas Avena- Round 1. They touch gloves and they’re off. They meet in the center and WarMachine already walking Avena down. Avena gets the takedown. Avena stands up lands a stiff right hand but WarMachine pops back up. These guys are swinging hard already. WarMachine shoots and gets the takedown by tossing Avena’s legs in the air. Avena is trying to get back up but WarMachine lands a few rights for his efforts. Avena pops up and they remain clinched against the fence. A quick knee from Avena from the plum clinch. Straight right lands clean by WarMachine and Avean shoots for a single. Clinched against the fence again and an outside trip by WarMachine and gets the takedown. Avena gets half guard. Now WarMachine passes to side mount. Crucifix by WarMachine and landing a few right hands. Avean struggling a bit. Shots are landing too flush and too often from the crucifix and the ref stops the fight.

Official Results: WarMachine def. Avena via TKO at 3:55 of Round 1.