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Bellator 96 Summer Series Play-by-play

Welcome back to Fightlines live coverage of Bellator’s 2013 Summer Series!! Miggs here bringing you live play-by-play coverage of this weeks Bellator 96.

This week’s event is to coming to us live from Winstar World Casino in Thackerville, OK. Preliminary bouts will be aired on and starting at 6:00 pm EST and the main card will be aired live on Spike TV at 8:00 pm EST. So without further ado, let’s get crackin’ with the toughest tournament in sports!!!

Main Event
Light Heavyweight Semifinal Bout: Muhammed Lawal vs. Seth Petruzelli- Round 1. They tap gloves and meet in the center. Petruzelli is throwing a lot. King Mo shoots in and Petruzelli sprawls and the ref stops the fight. It looks as if they head butted. The back of King Mo’s head cracked Petruzelli in the eye and McCarthy calls time. Time in and Petruzelli is landing some nice right leg kicks. King Mo catches a kick and gets the takedown. King Mo stands to land some shots then drops back into Petruzelli’s guard. Again he stands, this time King Mo chucks Petruzelli’s legs aside and land one huge right hand right on the money and puts Petruzelli to sleep!! Petruzelli’s eyes are wide open but he is out cold and stiff. King Mo didn’t even follow up w/ more punches, he knew Petruzelli was out.

Official Results: King Mo def. Petruzelli via KO at 1:35 of Round 1.>

Light Heavyweight Semifinal Bout: Renato Sobral vs. Jacob Noe- Round 1. Tap the gloves they they’re off. Very relaxed, no one’s throwing anything at this point. Jab jab, 1-2 by Noe. Noe looks a little soft in the mid section but never judge a book by its cover. Babalu shoots and they briefly clinch and they separate. Inside kick by Babalu, Noe drops to his knees and pops back up. Babaly shot in again and ate a nice right hand. Babaly engaing more now but Noe is standing his ground and unloading hard. Babalu shoots again, Noe sprawls. Noe looks too strong for Babalu. Nice jab by Babalu. Babalu stalking Noe and another shot but Noe stopped it easily. They stay in a clinch against the fence. Babalu lands a low knee and Noe complains to the ref. Time called to recover. Time in. Babalu throws a teep kick and eats a straight right by Noe. Head kick by Babalu, blocked by Noe and he comes back w/ a 1-2. Noe lands a left high kick that lands w/ the knee instead right as the bell rings.

Fightline gives Round 1 to Noe 10-9.

Round 2. Front kick by Babalu, misses. Babalu jabs twice to get close but Noe steps back. Now Noe is walking Babalu down, they exchange and it looks like they butt heards but they don’t complain. They’re clinched against the fence and now the ref breaks them up. Actually, Noe is complaining about another low knee. Another time out. Ok, time in after 15 seconds or so. They exchange jabs. they exchange again and they both land clean but Noe’s punch looked way harder. Babalu attacks but Noe chucks him aside. Babalu lands a stiff jab in between a 1-2 combo from Noe. Another low kick from Babalu, Noe’s leg looks red. Stiff jab by Noe. Over hand right by Babalu lands clean but Noe scarcely blinked. Babalu looks good in this round but you can tell Noe is just way too strong. Now Noe is marching Babalu down, landing some nice rights and lefts. Babalu backs up into the fence and puts his hands down and Noe backs up into the middle of the cage and they stare at each other for 3 or 4 seconds. As they approach one another the bell rings. WTF was that?

Fightline gives Round 2 to Babalu 19-19.

Round 3. Noe lands a nice right hand and now they clinch against the fence again w/ Babalu’s back on it. They break on their own. Stiff jab by Babalu, Noe ate it like nothing. Babalu shoots and it looks deep but Noe is defending it well, he’s working hard for that takedown and Noe escapes. They go to the enter again. Another low kick by Babalu. Another low kick, this time Noe answers w/ a nice left hook that bloodies Babalu’s nose and what looks to be a cut under Babalu’s right eye as well. He keeps connecting on Babalu, Babalu looks woozy. Another stiff jab by Noe followed by a lead right. Noe attacks and lands as Babalu’s back nears the fence. Babalu escapes and back peddles the stumbles a bit as he runs from Noe and the ref jumps in to stop the fight. Babalu is complaining and slightly shoves the referee. Babalu looked hurt but I’m not sure about that stoppage.

Official Results: Noe def. Babalu via TKO at 3:32 of Round 3.

Heavyweight Semifianl Bout: Vitaly Minakov vs. Ron Sparks- Round 1. They meet in the center and Sparks throws a jab or two. They exchange some shots and Minakov gets the better of it. They engage again and a clean right hand lead from Minakov lands flush on Sparks and Sparks falls back, Minakov attacks and Sparks turns over while Minakov keeps throwing heavy leather. McCarthy steps in to call the end of the bout.

Official Results: Minakov def. Sparks via TKO at 0:32 of Round 1.

Welterweight Feature Bout: War Machine vs. Blas Avena- Round 1. They touch gloves and they’re off. They meet in the center and WarMachine already walking Avena down. Avena gets the takedown. Avena stands up lands a stiff right hand but WarMachine pops back up. These guys are swinging hard already. WarMachine shoots and gets the takedown by tossing Avena’s legs in the air. Avena is trying to get back up but WarMachine lands a few rights for his efforts. Avena pops up and they remain clinched against the fence. A quick knee from Avena from the plum clinch. Straight right lands clean by WarMachine and Avean shoots for a single. Clinched against the fence again and an outside trip by WarMachine and gets the takedown. Avena gets half guard. Now WarMachine passes to side mount. Crucifix by WarMachine and landing a few right hands. Avean struggling a bit. Shots are landing too flush and too often from the crucifix and the ref stops the fight.

Official Results: WarMachine def. Avena via TKO at 3:55 of Round 1.

Heavyweight Semifinal Bout: Rich Hale vs. Ryan Martinez- Round 1. They’re exchanging jabs. Hale has a crazy size advantage. 1-2 combo by Hale. Hale leaves his hand out w/ his hand wide open. Not sure why McCarthy isn’t warning him. Martinez leaps in w/ a hook and gets the takedown. Hale throws some nice up kicks, Martinez rains down some heavy shots and puts Hale out!! Hale eyes roll over and nearly has his mouth piece punched out of his mouth as McCarthy jumps in. Holy crap! Hale sits up but he was out.

Official Results: Martinez def. Hale via TKO at 2:19 or Round 1.

Bantamweight Feature Bout: Chas Skelly vs. Jarrod Card- Round 1.

Middleweight Feature Bout: Cortez Coleman vs. Keith Berry- Round 1.

Bantamweight Feature Bout: Mike Maldonado vs. Chavous Smith- Round 1.

Lightweight Feature Bout: Damon Jackson vs. Keith Miner- Round 1. Jackson gets the takedown and Miner is bleeding bad. It may have been an elbow. Jackson in side mount. Miner gets half guard and Jackson is landing some big shots and McCarthy steps in. That was quick.

Official Results: Jackson def. Miner via TKO at 2:00 of Round 1.

Heavyweight Feature Bout: Raphael Butler vs. Jeremiah O’Neal- Round 1. O’Neal gets the takedown but Butler gets back up. Butler has O’Neal’s back on the knees. Butler is landing some heavy shots from under the armpits and to the side of the head. O’Neal belly’s out for a second then gets back to his knees. Butler keeps landing right hands to the side of O’Neal’s head. McCarthy has seen enough, stops the bout.

Official Results: Butler def. O’Neal via TKO at 2:57 of Round 1.

Heavyweight Feature Bout: Brandon Halsey vs. Joe Yager- Round 1. Sorry guys, my pc froze for a second. Halsey gets the takedown and Yager is struggling to get back up, using the fence. Halsey gets the mount for a brief moment but Yager fights to get back his half guard. Yager gives his bak to get back up and he does but Halsey still have a body lock against the fence and down they go again. Halsey again passes to half guard. Throws down a big right hind and just misses, Yager almost used that to escape. Yager is trying to get to his knees for a single leg but Halsey is sprawling well using a crotch lock. Yager gets to his knees while Halsey is sprawled out landing some shots to his ribs.

Fightline gives Round 1 to Halsey 10-9

Round 2. They tap gloves and they meet in the center and Yager shoots but nothing. Yager is walking Halsey down but not throwing anything yet. Low blow lands nasty on Halsey, McCarthy calls time. And now McCarthy takes a point from Yager. Not sure why but that’s kinda jacked up. They begin again, time in. They meet in the center and now Halsey is walking Yager down. Halsey shoots and pushed Yager to the cage, looking for a single. Gets s trip but Yager gets back up. Halsey turns the corner nicely and gets the takedown. Yager has the crotch lock to stall and McCarthy stands them up. Halsey shoots from a distance and Yager sprawls but Halsey keeps driving and gets the takedown and passes to side mount. Now moving to the north-south position. Lands a few elbows to the stomach of Yager, round ends.

Fightline gives Round 2 to Halsey 20-18.

Round 3. Halsey shoots immediately and Yager sprawls well. Yager spings to get Halsey’s back but Halsey gets up. Yager chases Halsey w/ punches and misses, they fall to the canvas and Yager ends up on his back w/ Halsey in side mount. Bad idea by Yager. North-south and back to side. North-south agains and Yager is trying get a single leg while Halsey is landing hard shots on to the ribs of Tager. They’re back up but again, Halsey gets Yager down. Yager gets up and they remain in the clinch until the round ends.

Fightline gives Round 3 and the fight to Halsey 30-27.

Official Results: Hasley def. Yager via unanimous decision. There is an error w/ the scores.

Lightweight Feature Bout: Brandon Girtz vs. Derek Campos- Round 1. Them meet in the center and begin to exchange jabs. Lock kick by Campos sounds loud but nothing solid. Sorry guys my stream is garbage. Ok, they’re on the ground now w/ Girtz ontop. Girtz passes Campos guard easily. Campos gets half guard, then full. Now they’re back up as Campos explodes to his feet. Girtz is attacking, walking Campos down. They exchange and swing big and almost collide heads. Nice low kick by Campos, almost sweeps Girtz all the way to the canvas. Nice jab by Campos as he moves backwards. Campos is doing a nice job of counter punching. Not sure if judges take that into consideration but he’s doing very well here. Campos attacks and throws heavy but nothing good lands. End of the round.

Fightline gives Round 1 to Girtz 10-9.

Round 2. Now Campos attacks but lands nothing. Shot from Girtz but Campos chucks it well. Girtz is throwing w/ some major power, nothing has landed flush yet but if it does, good night Campos. Girtz continues to move forward. Girtz shoots in and is trying to get the takedown against the fence. Girtz keeps driving and finally gets it. Campos closes guard. Campos keeping an active guard. John McCarthy warns them and finally stands them up. Campos coming forward already. They both swing big again but miss. Girtz throws a low lead kick and misses again. Now he goes for a high kick that misses as well. Straight right hand by Campos sends Girtz back a bit, he’s back peddling and lands another leaping right hand. Girtz loses his balance flopping all over the cage, Campos attacks and goes for a guillotine and lands in a mount as the bell rings.

Fightline gives Round 2 to Campos 20-20

Round 2. They meet in the center again and begin to trade. Low blow by Campos but the bout continues. Girtz gets a nice takedown and is in Campos half guard. Girtz landing some decent right hands and an elbow or two. I see blood now, Campos has a small cut on the forehead from that elbow. Girtz stands to unload but then goes back into Campos’ half guard. Campos gets up and Girtz goes for a guillotine but Campos gets his head out and they both pop back up. Campos again walking down Girtz. Girtz looks a bit tire, he’s sucking wind w/ his mouth wide open. Spinning back kick misses by Campos. Girtz shoots in and gets the takedown. Man that was a textbook shot by Girtz. Girtz moves to the half guard. Campos gets full guard then pops back up. he rushes Girtz w/ a flying knee but misses and they clinch near the fence as the round ends.

Fightline gives the round and the fight to Girtz 29-28.

Official Results: Campos def. Girtz via unanimous decision (29-28×3)

Bantamweight Feature Bout: Steven Artoff vs. Justin McNally- Round 1. My stream is a little fucked up but the fight begins and McNally gets a takedown early while Artoff is holding him down w/ mission control. Artoff lands a few right hands and McNally is returning the favor. The stream is acting up big time and it keeps freezing on me. McNally is still stuck in Artoff’s mission control. Now Artoff transitions to an omoplata but Mcnally defends it easily but ends up on the bottom. McNally is threatening w/ an inverted triangle while going for a straight armbar. Artoff starts gurgling then verbally taps. I can’t tell if he tapped to the choke or a some sort of arm lock or even a wrist lock.

Official Results: McNally def. Artoff via inverted triangle choke at 2:44 of Rd 1.