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Joe Warren Compares TUF To Fight Master

Joe Warren will be one of the four coaches on Bellator’s new reality show Fight Master. While the show sounds similar to the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter, Warren thought Bellator’s version was more about teaching others.

“I believe it’s probably the most educated fight show you’ll see,” said Warren to USA TODAY Sports. “It focused more on the actual training and not just the personalities. It gets into more of the technical side. Like, how do you actually take someone down? Fight fans will be able to sit on their couch and realize, ‘Oh, so that’s how that works.'”

Warren is quite familiar with Bellator as he’s been a member of their roster since nearly the beginning. He won a featherweight tournament and later the belt, which he eventually dropped. He failed to get past the opening round in a bantamweight tournament.

Fight Master has 32 welterweights vying for a future tournament spot and $100,000.

The show debuts today, June 19, at 10 p.m. ET.