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Kenny Florian: Steve Mazzagatti “Has Been A Problem For A Very Long Time”

Former UFC title contender Kenny Florian is following his boss, UFC president Dana White, in calling out veteran referee Steve Mazzagatti.

Last week, Mazzagatti was in charge of a World Series of Fighting contest between former UFC vets Jon Fitch and Josh Burkman. When Burkman applied a choke, Fitch went out cold.

Fitch was unconscious for several seconds before Mazzagatti noticed and the fight was ruled over.

As you might have guessed, White went off on Mazzagatti. He has had issues with the referee in the past.

Now, Florian is adding to it, as the co-host of UFC Tonight had this to say Tuesday evening:

“Burkman choked Jon Fitch to sleep, and Steve Mazzagatti took too long to go over to see that Fitch was unconscious. Mazzagatti has been a problem for a very long time. Fitch could’ve been seriously injured.”